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RAPTURE Cut-Off Time 2020

Wanting to better understand what the Lord has revealed is ahead in these dog days of summer, I re-read my article June, July, August 2020 and this part of Henry Falcone’s prophetic word stood out to me:


Never has there been a release of glory upon this earth like what is now going to be released in this next three months. . .

Then as I was standing there with Jesus. . .He looked at me and said, “It is time for the summer basket of fruit to come. I have opened a door for you that no one can shut. . .

He smiled at me and said, “Henry, why I am showing you [these] three months [is] to get you ready for September. . .
 [Emphasis added by me.]

Book of Joel and The Day of the Lord

As I sought Him I was led to go deeper into the Book of Joel; and, thanks to many of my fellow watchmen pointing out a number of prophetic nuggets, I began to make connections with the Fall Feasts of the Lord and the last days timeline in the Book of Joel.

Joel is a short little book (only three chapters, 73 verses) devoted almost entirely to the most climactic period in all Scripture: "The Day of the Lord," the final climax that we are all looking forward to. . . khouse.org

No prophet of the Old Testament has a more important revelation of the end times than Joel . . . The Day of the Lord is a period of time from the Tribulation to the passing away of the heavens and earth (2 Pet 3:10). The Books of Joel and Amos p 18

The Feast of Trumpets (also known as Rosh Hashanah or Yom Teruah) is the first of the autumn feasts with The Day of Atonement coming ten days later. We identify these festivals as occurring in our fall season; however, according to Israel’s two seasons, many times they occur in summer and are associated with judgment.

The Cut-Off

According to Hebraic understanding, Rosh HaShanah or The Feast of Trumpets is the cut-off date before The Tribulation days of Jacob’s Trouble:

The average person has until Yom Kippur till his fate is sealed forever. In other words, the average person will have until the end of the seven-year tribulation to repent and turn to G-d. The average person on Rosh HaShanah is judged by G-d and is neither written in the book of life or the book of the wicked. His fate is yet to be decided. The average person and the wicked have to go through the "Awesome Days," the tribulation, until they reach Yom Kippur (the end of the tribulation when their fate is sealed forever)." Seven Festivals of the Messiah/Chapter 7

Notice the “cutting off” mentioned in Joel 1:5:

Awake, ye drunkards, and weep; and howl, all ye drinkers of wine, because of the new wine; for it is cut off from your mouth. - Joel 1:5 KJV

The “new wine” is cut off. New wine is associated with the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the Church Age of Grace, so could Joel be prophesying here of the end of that Age? I believe so, because in verse 15 Joel proclaims the day of the Lord is “at hand” or near--it has not begun yet!

Alas for the day! for the day of the LORD [is] at hand [qarowb], and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come. - Joel 1:15 KJV

The Day of the Lord Timeline

Joel Chapter 1 sets forth a last days’ timeline that is then repeated in Joel 2 but with added details. Joel 1 “sets the stage” of a time in Israel when the “new wine” is cut off (1:5) causing wailing and mourning (1:11-13); so there is a call for a solemn assembly (1:14) for the day of the Lord is near or at hand (1:15)!

The primary theme in the book of Joel is The Day of the Lord. It's an important book because it records Israel's place in God's program: from Babylon all the way through to the Millennium. Joel also has a lot to say about the Gentile nations and their collision course to Armageddon. Joel's second chapter reads like news camera footage of modern combat helicopters and troops in action! Except the cosmic effects are most terrifying:

The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come. -Joel 2:10, 31

Peter also recognized that the astonishing events of Pentecost in Acts Chapter 2 were ushering in the preparation for the end times, and he quoted from Joel to make his point.1 (However, the sun did not darken; the moon did not turn to blood; and the Lord didn't appear with wrath against the nations.) Peter knew well that the Day of the Lord had not come yet: he says so in 2 Pet 3:10. Pentecost was a fulfillment in miniature: Joel saw the end point of the whole process; Peter focused on the onset. This was a guarantee that God would complete the entirety. . . khouse.org

Joel 2:15 = Yom Kippur = Jacob’s Trouble Begins?

Now I want to admit that my understanding could be incorrect, but it appears Joel 2:15 marks where The Day of the Lord--Jacob’s Trouble--The Tribulation begins for it describes a solemn assembly:

Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly: - Joel 2:15 KJV

Both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are announced with the blowing of the trumpet. Both moedim or appointed times are associated with judgment (as noted above); however, it is the time of Yom Kippur when fasting is called for along with a solemn assembly:

"The tenth day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement. You are to hold a sacred assembly and practice self-denial; you are to present a fire offering to the LORD. - Leviticus 23:27 CSB

There were many reasons for blowing trumpets in ancient Israel and I would not connect a particular feast with the trumpets of the Book of Joel except for the fact that the primary subject of this book is The Day of the Lord which will call for the fulfilling of God’s appointed times.

Assuming that Joel 2:15’s trumpet is announcing Yom Kippur, then both Joel 2:15 and Joel 1:13 point to the start of Jacob’s Trouble.

Gird yourselves, and lament, ye priests: howl, ye ministers of the altar: come, lie all night in sackcloth, ye ministers of my God: for the meat offering and the drink offering is withholden from the house of your God. - Joel 1:13 KJV

Compare this verse with Jeremiah’s prophecy:

Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness? - Jeremiah 30:6 KJV
Alas! for that day [is] great, so that none [is] like it: it [is] even the time of Jacob's trouble; but he shall be saved out of it. - Jeremiah 30:7 KJV

Trumpets and Feasts

At this point in my study of Joel I began noticing the verses that mention trumpets.

Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for [it is] nigh at hand; - Joel 2:1 KJV

Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly: - Joel 2:15 KJV

The Great Shofar

. . . There are three primary shofarim (trumpets) to the Jewish people and these three trumpets are associated with specific days in the year. These three trumpets are:

(a) "The First Trump," blown and associated with Shavuot (Pentecost);
(b) "The Last Trump," blown and associated with Rosh HaShanah;
(c) "The Great Trump," blown and associated with Yom Kippur.

Joel 2:1 = Feast of Trumpets = Rapture?

Based on the following Hebraic understanding of the feasts, the alarm of the Joel 2:1 trumpet (Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm) could be proclaiming the start of The Feast of Trumpets while Joel 2:15’s trumpet is proclaiming Yom Kippur:

Rosh HaShanah and The Season of Teshuvah

A special season known as Teshuvah, which in Hebrew means "to return or repent," begins on the first day of the month of Elul and continues 40 days, ending with Yom Kippur. Thirty days into Teshuvah, on Tishrei l, comes Rosh HaShanah. This begins a final ten-day period beginning on Rosh HaShanah and ending on Yom Kippur. These are known as the High Holy Days and as the Awesome Days (Yamim Nora'im, the days of awe).

. . . Each morning during the 30 days of the month of Elul, the trumpet (shofar) or ram's horn is blown to warn the people to repent and return to G-d.

The message from Elul 1 to Rosh HaShanah is clear: Repent before Rosh HaShanah. Don't wait until after Rosh HaShanah, or you will find yourself in the Days of Awe. The Seven Festivals of the Messiah/Chapter 7

Both of these moedim occur near the end of summer at the time of the wine and olive festivals.

According to the Mishna, Tu B'Av was a joyous holiday in the days of the Temple in Jerusalem, marking the beginning of the grape harvest. Yom Kippur marked the end of the grape harvest. On both dates the unmarried girls of Jerusalem dressed in white garments, and went out to dance in the vineyards. Wikipedia

While Tu B’Av (which begins tonight and ends at sunset August 5) seems the perfect choice for a 2020 Rapture appointment, I am coming full circle back to the Feast of Trumpets as the most probable time for the Resurrection/Rapture of the Bride of Christ if our Heavenly Father is indicating these feasts in the Book of Joel, and if only for the reason that our God seems to grant mercy up to the very last minute. According to the Hebraic understanding, the Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah IS the very last minute! This would flow with the idea that the “new wine” was “cut off” because Rosh Hashanah falls in between Tu B’Av (which marks the beginning of the grape harvest) and Yom Kippur (which marks the end of the grape harvest)!

Summer and Harvest

Joel 1:5 speaks of the new wine which is made at the grape harvest. Peter associates new wine with the end of the age when he quotes Joel's prophesy about the coming Day of the Lord in Acts 2.

In Song of Solomon 2:11-13 notice that tender grapes are the final agricultural sign mentioned before the shepherd, a type of Christ, says, “Arise, my love...and come away,” thus signaling a possible late summer Resurrection/Rapture.

My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines [with] the tender grape give a [good] smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away. - Song of Songs 2:10, 13 KJV

Now let’s look at the major crops after Pentecost. Grapes were the first major crop to ripen . . .

The importance of grapes and olives is illustrated by the fact that the Essenes had wine and oil firstfruits festivals similar to the biblical firstfruits offering for grain. These festivals also indicate the relative timing of these crops. The new wine festival came 50 days or seven weeks after Pentecost. Until new wine was offered, no one could drink any of the new juice (Temple Scroll, columns 19-21). Harvest Seasons of Ancient Israel

Both grapes and olives are harvested near the end of Summer (see gci.org). As noted by T. W. Tramm, “Biblically, summer begins at the vernal equinox in March and ends at the autumnal equinox in September.” In 2020 the autumn equinox will be on September 22.

Autumn Equinox 2020 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 9:30 AM on
Tuesday, September 22
All times are in Eastern Time.

Joel foretells that both the “fig tree” and the “olive oil” languish--they look sick or appear to be in mourning:

The field is wasted, the land mourneth; for the corn is wasted: the new wine is dried up, the oil languisheth ['amal]. - Joel 1:10 KJV

The vine is dried up, and the fig tree languisheth ['amal]; the pomegranate tree, the palm tree also, and the apple tree, [even] all the trees of the field, are withered: because joy is withered away from the sons of men. - Joel 1:12 KJV

Both the fig tree and olive are symbols of Israel so that Joel is giving us a picture of the people of Israel NOT escaping but having to endure Jacob’s Trouble.

The Tribulation to Begin When Summer Ends?

I believe  the Books of Joel and Jeremiah AND Amos foretell of trouble coming to Israel at the end of the Summer:

And he said, Amos, what seest thou? And I said, A basket of summer fruit. Then said the LORD unto me, The end is come upon my people of Israel; I will not again pass by them any more. - Amos 8:2 KJV

“The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved” (Jer. 8:20).

T. W. Tramm offers even more confirmation regarding the significance of summer:

T. W. Tramm

. . . The fact is that the Lord has been sending the Holy Spirit to indwell new believers every day for the past 2,000 years. It could therefore be said that Pentecost is experiencing an extended, or long-range, fulfillment: the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 33 AD marked merely the beginning of a harvest of believers that will conclude when the full number of souls have been indwelt by the Spirit and God calls His Church home at the Rapture.

And so instead of “Pentecost fulfilled” (period, end of story), it’s more like:

Pentecost fulfilled . . .

Accepting this scenario, the question that remains is: WHEN will this extended period of “harvest” conclude, thereby completely fulfilling Pentecost?

One could reason it will NOT be on Pentecost.

The logic is that Pentecost, as a celebration of the “firstfruits” of the wheat harvest, marks the time, agriculturally, when the harvest begins.

If one is looking for the culminating event of the wheat harvest (Rapture), it makes more sense to seek it around the time the actual harvest concludes, which can be late summer or early fall. It is around this time that the wheat harvest finally wraps up and the gathering of the grapes and other fruits begins. With the above in mind, it’s interesting to note that there is no feast, or appointed time, on God’s calendar marking the conclusion of the wheat harvest—it simply ends when it ends, on a “day and hour” no one can predict.

By T.W. Tramm

WITH summer in full swing and biblical signs manifesting all around, it’s a fitting time to review some of the scriptures linking the season of sunshine and warm temperatures to the end of the age. . .

Biblically, summer begins at the vernal equinox in March and ends at the autumnal equinox in September. Winter runs the opposite, beginning in September and ending in March. Therefore, to be precise, spring is not a distinct season but, rather, merely the first part of the summer. Likewise, autumn is not a distinct season but, rather, the first part of winter. . .

Having defined the biblical boundaries of summer, let’s consider some scriptures that point to this season being a pivotal time in Bible prophecy.


In Matthew, Jesus uses summer as a metaphor for the end of the age:*

“Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near” (Matt. 24:32).

Considering God’s propensity to fulfill His word to the letter, even the metaphors, a reasonable expectation is that the event marking the end of the Church Age will occur in the summer.

In the Book of Ruth, summer is the backdrop for the redemption of a Gentile bride via marriage to a Jewish redeemer—a picture of the wedding of the Church to Messiah. Interestingly, some speculate that Ruth’s wedding may have occurred on or around the Jewish holiday Tu B’Av in the July-August timeframe. . .

The gathering and storing of summer crops foreshadows the harvest and gathering of the Church into heaven at the end of the age.

. . . Notice in Leviticus the fields are reaped before the first festival of the seventh month, Yom Teruah, arrives:

“When you reap the harvest of your land [in summer], do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest …. [Later] on the first day of the seventh month, you are to have a day of sabbath rest, a sacred assembly commemorated with trumpet blasts” (Lev. 23:22, 23). . .


While summer in general is associated with the Church, the end of the season—the time when figs and olives are harvested—bears significance for Israel. For instance, in Amos, a basket of fruit that has ripened over the summer is a symbol of Israel being ripe for judgment:

“This is what the Sovereign LORD showed me: a basket of summer fruit … Then the LORD said to me, ‘The time is ripe for my people Israel; I will spare them no longer’” (Amos 8:1, 2).

In Jeremiah, the Jews lament the passing of the summer harvest:

“The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved” (Jer. 8:20).

While the context of the verse is an ancient judgment, Jeremiah may also be alluding to a future time when Israel sees the Church rescued via the Rapture and comes to the painful realization that they are not saved.

In Micah, summer is when the upright people have been swept from the land:

“What misery is mine! I am like one who gathers summer fruit at the gleaning of the vineyard; there is no cluster of grapes to eat, none of the early figs that I crave. The faithful have been swept from the land; not one upright person remains. Everyone lies in wait to shed blood; they hunt each other with nets” (Mic. 7:1-2). . .


*Some propose that Matthew 24 is addressed solely to Israel and, therefore, has no bearing on the Church Age or Rapture. It’s important to understand, however, that even though Jesus’ immediate audience in Matthew 24 was Jewish (disciples), they were also the founding members of the Church. Granted, the Church Age had not yet technically begun (Acts 2), but the Church’s existence had been revealed prior (Matt. 16:18). . . Jesus knew, by way of the Holy Spirit guiding Him, that His appearing was to be a dual event (Rapture/Second Coming). In order to give a proper answer to the disciples’ question concerning His return without revealing the mystery of the Rapture, He spoke in terms that address both the Rapture and the Second Coming. This is what we’re seeing in Matthew 24: a picture of the Church Age and its conclusion after a 2,000-year period of “tribulation” (Rev. 1:9) and also a picture of the time of Jacob’s Trouble, i.e. “great” Tribulation, and its conclusion (Matt. 24:21). theseasonofreturn.com/tw tramm

As noted earlier, Biblically, summer ends at the autumnal equinox in September. In 2020 the autumnal equinox occurs September 22, Tuesday. Therefore, technically Rosh Hashanah or The Feast of Trumpets will occur this year just prior to the end of Summer at sunset on September 18!

War, Asteroids & Summer 2020

“Seventy-five years after the second war will come the final and greatest war that will make the second seem even smaller,” prophetic rabbi Chofetz Chaim said according to an article in breakingisraelinews.com. The armistice was signed on August 14, 1945, but the Japanese surrendered two weeks later on September 2, five days before Rosh Hashanna, the Jewish New Year.

According to the precise understanding of Chofetz Chaim, the third war is prophesied to begin in the Summer of 2020. (Summer ends in 2020 four days after Rosh Hashanah).

Also, let’s not forget that the asteroid debris will be evident in September 2020. At about the 27:50-minute mark, in Bob Barber’s video, Government Hidden Preparations For 2020 Asteroid Impacts! Steven Ben Nun tells Adam from Marfoogle News:

“My FEMA source said the reason for the lockdown that is coming is because they know the disasters are coming, but she also said at the same time they will be using tactical nukes on our nation while these asteroids are hitting in order to cover up what is going on there. . .The disaster in America will be so massive. . . that the Chinese are ready . . . to come in the guise of bringing humanitarian aid. . . in order to take over the nation for its natural resources.”

So, Brethren, “when they come down, we go up”! Many brethren have been shown this by the Spirit of the Lord. What is coming down has been revealed as: missiles, asteroids/meteorites, and fallen angels. This leads me to believe there will be a Great Convergence on the Day of The Rapture of fiery meteorites falling along with earthly and heavenly war. The Revelation 12 Dragon and The Rapture

Let us not be terrified about what is coming at the end of summer, but let us rejoice for what Jesus will do through us in these last days and remember what He said:

A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world. - John 16:21 KJV

As the Overcoming Man Child, we will be born OUT OF the world and into Heaven where we will have no more sorrow or crying! The dropping of HIS shoe--2 Visions

May we know as we are known (1 Corinthians 13:12) this September!


Hope this excites you as much as it did me--Ty Green just posted a new video only 15 minutes long (Is This More Confirmation?) that confirms much of what I have seen in my above study of the Book of Joel.

Monday, July 20, 2020

The World Will Know By September 2020!

While worshipping with brethren in the home of one of the elders, the Holy Spirit came upon me and I began to tremble. I began loudly interceding but don’t remember now what I prayed for this happened almost two decades ago. The trembling increased until I felt the need to go down on my hands and knees and there I stayed just shaking and shaking like a woman in the transition phase of labor. As I shook, I prophesied:

“There is a great shaking coming--a great shaking!”

The Spirit of the Lord then led me to say that an earthquake would soon occur in our region as confirmation of this rhema. A scowl came across the elder’s face and I quickly added, “But it will not be a destructive earthquake!”

God kept His word and sometime shortly after that, an earthquake did shake our little town in Virginia making the houses tremble. But as far as I know, it caused no damage.

I didn’t understand what the Lord was having me announce at that time, but over the years again and again He flowed through me as Tom and I would attend other fellowships and I would warn them--a Great Shaking is coming! It wasn’t until the Lord gave me The dropping of HIS shoe--2 Visions that I wrote, “I realize now that the prophetic word the Lord gave me decades ago is my watchman’s cry for the short period before The Tribulation:”

“A time of great trouble is coming! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken! Come to Him in your prayer closets faithfully and do not be afraid.” [Excerpt from Is the Rapture Earned?]

The Great Shaking is the time of TRANSITION, like a woman shaking in labor. When I wrote about the Overcoming Church being in transition--almost a year ago!--I didn’t realize that in the spiritual it might have begun with “a shedding” as Tim Henderson spoke forth, but we have not yet been through the Great Shaking.

When this time of shaking comes, it is not the Seals of Revelation being opened; it is the spiritual world entering TRANSITION. Both the spiritual and the physical realm have been in preparation for a TWIN BIRTHING.

First, the Revelation 12:5 Man Child must be born; and, second, the Millennial Kingdom will be born. [The dropping of HIS shoe--2 Visions excerpt]

Many of us have recognized the 2020 Signs of the Rapture and are intently watching to see what might happen during July 22-25 this year. If the Rapture of the Bride of Christ does not occur then, it may be there is one last sign just prior to our Gathering Together. More on that later in this article!

Brad, a Brother in Christ who oversees the Rev12daily blog, commented recently:

“I am torn between the normalcy indicated in Matt 24:38 and the intense danger that is indicated in Rev 12:4 just prior to the harpazo in Rev 12:5. So for me....Revelation 12 seems to indicate an increasingly fearsome situation right up to the point of our rapture/rescue...

Lastly, I have been in the delivery room for each of our children. As many of you know, that situation can be stressful in itself, I can't imagine a vicious predator in the room with its mouth wide open ready to devour the new baby at the same time as verse 4 conveys! But for me, that is what I expect, things will get scary leading up to our blessed hope, but with that fear others will be more receptive than ever to the good news. And personally when it gets scary and we see those fangs ready to strike us, that is where we must cling to the blessed hope. God has promised that we will be ok!)”

What will Revelation 12:4 look like?

What will happen in the days leading up to the Rapture? I believe the Overcoming Church will experience the Great Shaking or Transition Phase which is the manifestation of Revelation 12:4--

. . . and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. - Revelation 12:4 KJV

Notice that the Dragon appears before the birth of the Man Child which means we will see this sign just prior to the birth or Rapture of the Bride of Christ!

I join many others in the belief that the manifestation of Revelation 12:4 will be related to the nearness of the Nibiru or Planet X system. Based on sources I am going to share in this article, in addition to confirming prophetic voices and what I was shown especially in The dropping of HIS shoe--2 Visions, I believe the approach of Planet X will cause a quick succession of catastrophic events (especially in America) that will coincide with a Great Outpouring of God’s Glory and Revival just prior to the Rapture!

The exponential increase in global earthquakes has been attributed to this binary system and it has been prophesied that the Bride of Christ will witness a great earthquake in America before the Rapture. It may or may not be The New Madrid Fault Line Earthquake, but this is the quake associated with the dividing of the land of Israel (related article: The Horror of Darkness and The Everlasting Covenant ).

It is also believed that this rogue planet or star will cause a time of darkness around the world:

Facing the Great Red Dragon

Exactly what ‘facing the Dragon’ will look like, I am not certain. However, just today I was led to watch a Prophetic Word through Maurice Sklar wherein he shares many encouraging things he believes the Lord showed him while in intercession for America. He said that Our Exodus parallels Moses and the children of Israel’s Exodus.

We have witnessed the replaying of most of the plagues that befell Egypt in Moses’ day, so I am wondering—could the 3 days of darkness that have been prophesied represent our coming face to face with the Dragon? It is speculated that Planet X/Nibiru will cause this great darkness that is coming to Earth. Nibiru, with its seven orbiting planets, could represent the “great red dragon” of Revelation 12:3-4 with its “seven heads” and “seven crowns”. . . [excerpt from 5780 Year of the Mouth and Birthing]

Since I was first shown this time of transition, others have been shown that a great shaking is coming and it is coming to America but will affect the entire world. As I shared in The dropping of HIS shoe--2 Visions, before war comes to America I believe God—IN HIS GREAT MERCY—will allow Her to experience some type of national calamity.

Brace Yourself!

Dana Coverstone, a pastor from Kentucky, was the first one on Youtube I heard say, “Brace yourself!” I have heard a number of others also warn, “Brace yourself!” [See the Dear Carole section of Season of the Sea Roaring for the link to that video and to read my comments regarding pastor Dana’s first three dreams.]

Steven Ben Noon of Israeli News Live says in his recent video we most likely do need to Prepare for impact. The inside information he reports seems to be more accurate in setting the time when we may see The Great Red Dragon with our naked eye. (Though my friend Michelle has reported being able to see this binary system already in the skies over Australia.) Steven shares in this video that White House and Pentagon insiders have informed him that by September 2020 the world will know it is in really serious condition! This is when the earth will be entering a debris field or asteroid belt that Steve first reported in his What No One Else Will Tell You video. He gives further confirmation from a friend who is a FEMA engineer in New Source Confirms In Coming Asteroids.

It is my understanding that this debris field represents the tail of The Great Red Dragon.

These celestial events are what the elite are preparing for and could be the fulfillment of Revelation 12:4 when the Dragon casts a third of the stars to earth. [The word “stars” in this verse is translated from aster from which we get our word ASTEROIDS!]

So, Brethren, “when they come down, we go up”! Many brethren have been shown this by the Spirit of the Lord. What is coming down has been revealed as: missiles, asteroids/meteorites, and fallen angels. [The Revelation 12 Dragon and The Rapture excerpt]

" The gravitational pull of this tenth planet, on its way toward us right now, is already beginning to show its effects on our entire solar system. When Planet X crosses between the earth and the sun, the earth’s surface plates (the land masses) will be shifted; the earth may actually stop its rotation for 3 days while it is in the grip of this massive planet as it speeds past the earth; there will be mega-huge earthquakes; there will be massive tidal waves; there will be extremely high winds and hurricane force torrential rains; there will also be meteor showers from the debris dragged along in space in the tail of this planet due to its tremendous gravitational pull." [taken from NASA Discovers Nibiru In 1983]


As I wrote above, I believe the Spirit of the Lord has revealed a coming time of great physical darkness. It will also be a time of great spiritual darkness, but the Glory of God will so emanate from His people it will draw the lost to the Light of Christ in us! I have shared this in previous articles (Erasing the Line in the Sand; The Day of the Dragon and Our Transformation Fast Approaches) but wanted to give you added insight from two obscure Youtube Channels.

For those who are thinking, “God wouldn’t allow such a thing before the Rapture--would He?”--I want to share with you from a video by Zachary Wilkinson. Starting at about the 12-minute mark, he shares that God showed him the coming Great Shaking but also let him know that He has a very heavy heart and does not want to do this. Zachary confirmed what I have written--that God is giving those who have rejected Him a second chance--this is mercy we do not understand.

Joey bon has seen a coming time of darkness and believes we will “break out of prison” and shine at this time as it says in Isaiah 60. He was also shown that he will be like Superman and walk in great glory. He has additionally had earthquake dreams and was told that “a great shaking is coming”.

Hoping for a Happy New Year--Rosh Hashanah

Jaco Prinsloo of God’s Roadmap to the End Youtube Channel has joined all of us in the watch for our Lord’s soon appearing offering many excellent presentations. In his Prophecies, Dreams & Visions all Pointing to USA's Destruction and Judgment coming Soon! video he presents evidence he believes possibly indicates our Gathering Together to occur on November 1. I am hoping this speculation is incorrect but his video is loaded with prophetic insight and video clips from God’s Messenger who has been given astounding revelations. I especially appreciated the clip where Lee (God’s Messenger) was shown the splitting of the United States along the New Madrid Fault Line.

Our Brother Steven Ben Noon unfortunately offers no hope along with the catastrophic news he shares, but with the report of a September asteroid pummeling coming, I have high hopes for a September Rapture!

In a more recent video posted July 11, the month of September was highlighted to Zachary Wilkinson and he was shown that September is a month of “transition” and that there will be a “crossing in the Fall” related to Jacob’s Trouble.

Dana Coverstone was shown the importance of the month of September also. In the video The Necessary Assembly he tells of a fourth dream he had on July 10 that was part of the series of three dreams he already talked about in a previous video. I thought it noteworthy that pastor Dana read from Joel 2 because the Overcoming Church may be part of its fulfillment in these last days.

He recounts his dream beginning at about the 22-minute mark in The Necessary Assembly. In the dream he saw a Hand pull the month of September from the 2020 calendar. It floated down and settled on the floor of their church in a room called The Secret Place. He was instructed to stand upon it and pray for the Church to have a strong backbone, for corruption to be exposed, and for a Great Harvest in the coming months.

The calendar page enlarged as he stood on it until he was standing on Tuesday, September 1, and he saw that there was someone standing on each day of the month praying for the Church alongside him. They called out to others to come join them in their efforts and others came.

Then Dana saw in the dream a Finger write, “A Solemn September Assembly” and he commented that this is a very, very clear call to pray during this coming month of September. In the dream more and more people came and the calendar grew and its contours filled and took on the shape of the United States of America.

As the people prayed more and more aggressively, storm clouds appeared along with fires all over the country--fires of revival and fires of opposition. He saw incredible warfare in the heavens and it was impacting the saints as they unified in prayer. At approximately 28:40 minutes into the video, Dana says that in the dream “it seemed the battle lasted forever--it was serious warfare like I’ve never experienced before--but finally it ended and my eyes were drawn to look upon the last days of September.

“This is not a date-setting dream. . . But. . . I saw the heavens open, and I saw the Lord standing with His angels and He said, “Arise, My Bride! Arise, My Bride and prepare to pray! Arise, My Bride, arise, My Bride and prepare for battle! Arise, My Bride, Arise, My Bride, and prepare to see My face! For I am coming soon and My reward is with Me.”

“And it was like a thousand shofars blowing all at once! And in the dream I could feel the wind in my face! And I woke up so peaceful.”

This Kentucky pastor went on to say that he sensed the Lord is calling the American Church to pray during the month of September (and leading up to that month) because “things are coming that are going to shake the church of America like we’ve never been shaken before!” He added that he did not want people to be fearful but believes that if something dangerous is coming you warn people so they can prepare!

When They Come Down, We Go Up!

Bob Barber of the Endtime Dream & Vision Youtube Channel puts together the chaotic scenario of our last day in his latest video The World Will Know By September. He agrees that when this asteroid shower comes, we will meet the Lord in the air!

He also confirms what came to me as I heard Steven Ben Noon report on how Jupiter has been blocking most of the incoming asteroids but will soon be leaving its current position; for Bob beautifully illustrates how Jupiter symbolizes Christ and that when Jupiter moves out of the way, this represents 2 Thessalonians 2:7 (the removal of the Restrainer) and is a sign of the Rapture.

This may be the last sign!

When does Jupiter move out of the way of the incoming asteroids? According to earthsky.org Jupiter discontinues its current retrograde motion beginning September 15.

earthsky.org:  Dr Ski added an arrow to show that Jupiter and Saturn are now moving in retrograde (westward) toward the famous Teapot pattern in the constellation Sagittarius. They won’t quite make it before resuming their normal, eastward motion in mid-September 2020. 

So, dear Brethren, I am watching for the Great Shaking to occur between now and September causing the brief but great revival I and others have been shown. If The Great Red Dragon’s tail of asteroids does pummel the earth this September, there is a very good chance we will be rescued before the dung hits the fan in the Hebrew year of 5781!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

2020 Signs of the Rapture!

Since the Spirit of the Lord awakened me back in 2015 to His soon Return, I have been intently searching the Scriptures, watching Israel and the world, and looking up at the heavens (Genesis 1:14)!

My blog articles went from sharing my life in the Spirit to thinking out loud about what I was seeing and learning related to the catching away of the Overcoming Church.

2017 Revelation 12 Sign of the Woman

The September 23, 2017, Revelation 12 Sign of the Woman was the catalyst for me and all those who were watching for the Blessed Hope to begin looking at the heavenly signs. If you are not familiar with this wonder, Unsealed gives a wonderful analysis with their The Revelation 12 Sign Compendium including the symbology of the planets.

2027 Sign of the Second Coming?

George of The Return of the King Youtube Channel posted a 5-minute video of what he believes is the heavenly configuration that indicates the Second Coming or when the Lord Jesus Christ steps down upon the Mount of Olives (Zechariah 14:4). Just as at the birth of Christ and during the 2017 Sign of the Woman, the constellation Virgo will once again be centerstage for the positioning of key planets on the Day of Atonement, also called Yom Kippur, on September 12, 2027.

If our Brother in Christ is correct and this is the sign of the Second Coming, it would portend a 2020 Rapture with the 2017 Sign of the Woman being the marker for a 3-year warning as Jesus foretold in Luke 13:6-8.

He spake also this parable; A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none.
Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down;
why cumbereth it the ground?
And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it: Luke 13:6-8 KJV

Dr. Barry Awe pointed this out in his video RAPTURE 2020 TRUE PENTECOST HEY You can't say DUNG in church!  and explains that in these verses Jesus is the certain man and the fig tree represents Israel. The Lord found no fruit or found that Israel as a nation did not believe on Him as the Messiah so He says it should be cut down. As Dr. Barry explains, the fig tree gets a second chance-- let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it. This symbolizes the time of Jacob’s Trouble when the proverbial “dung hits the fan.” Dr. Barry also shares his discovery of how the Hebrew year 5781 prophesies this because the Gematria for the number 781 means dung!



June 21, 2020 Summer Solstice Eclipse

In a more recent video, 2020 Rapture: Final Signs Pointing to Our Departure! George points us to two additional signs--the June solar eclipse and the July lunar eclipse. He reminds us that the Hebrew rabbis teach that solar eclipses indicate judgment on the world while lunar eclipses foretell judgment on Israel. During the June 21 solar eclipse, the Sun appeared between the horns of Taurus (representing Christ as The Coming Judge) with Venus (which represents Christ as the Morning Star) also in the constellation Taurus all seemingly pointing us to the Great Judgment of The Tribulation coming this Fall.

Fall Speculations

Our Brother admits it could be indicating a one-year warning; however, this Fall is by far the best choice for the start of Jacob’s Trouble, The Tribulation. T. W. Tramm would agree per his recent Facebook post--here’s an excerpt:

. . . That the unveiling of a peace plan coincides with a ramping up of unusual or record-breaking phenomena makes sense prophetically because the Bible associates talk of “peace and safety” with “labor pains” (1 Thess. 5:3).

Additionally, Jesus said the generation who sees the “fig tree” (Nation of Israel) “put forth leaves” would see His return and all of the end-times prophecies fulfilled (Matt. 24:32-34).

With these predictive scriptures in view, consider the following:

• A generation is defined as 70-80 years in Scripture (Ps. 90:10).

• The revived Nation of Israel began to “put forth leaves” when it declared its independence in May 1948.

Doing the math, September 2020 marks 72 years and 4 months since Israel became a nation. Adding seven years for the tribulation period, we end up with 79 years and four months, just under the biblical limit of a generation.

Adding seven years to September of 2021, on the other hand, results in a period of 80 years and four months, exceeding the biblical limit of a generation.
Therefore, 2020 is a year of high probability for the Tribulation to begin.
Only God knows the Day (Matt. 24:36). However, the stage is set as never before.

So be ready.
Jesus is coming soon!

And if Dr. Barry Awe is accurate in his prophetic findings regarding the next Hebrew year, 5781, then 2020 is looking promising for the Rapture since 5780 ends on Rosh Hashanah at sunset on September 18! (Related articles: 5780--The Year of the Mouth and Birthing; 2020 Year of the Crown)

Remember also that the 70th Week of Daniel (The Tribulation) begins when the Antichrist confirms the seven-year covenant with Israel according to Daniel 9:27. The Antichrist cannot rise to power until the Bride of Christ rises to meet Her Heavenly Bridegroom in the clouds (2 Thessalonians 2:3)! For further understanding read the “1797 Rabbinic Prophecy and the Falling Away” section near the end of The Die is Cast!

The Rider on the White Horse & The Resting Place

George explains that at the same time the June 21 solar eclipse was occurring, Saturn (which symbolizes Satan) and Jupiter (the King planet) were moving into the constellation of 
Sagittarius. Biblically, Sagittarius represents The Rider on the White Horse--The Archer. What is interesting is the movement of both Saturn/Satan and Jupiter/Jesus within Sagittarius both presenting themselves as The Rider on the White Horse! It is a picture of the spiritual end time war of the coming True Christ and the rising of the False Christ.

As noted earlier, Venus is now in the constellation Taurus but over the next three months will move into Gemini (symbol of Christ and His Church) and then to Cancer. Venus will be in Cancer this Feast of Trumpets. This is symbolic of Christ coming for His Bride and bringing Her to The Resting Place, for Kan-cer translates to “Travelers Resting Place”. It also means “embraced or encircled” as written in “Gospel in the Stars” by Joseph Seiss.

July 4, 2020, Lunar Eclipse

Those in the occult believe the number 13 carries great power. The July 4 lunar eclipse which centered over North America occurred 13 days from the Summer Solstice. Also 13 represents the Return or Resurrection of Osiris (we call him the Antichrist).

To understand more fully why the July 4 lunar eclipse was so meaningful to those in the occult, I highly recommend you watch the recent interview by End Times Productions titled There's Something Strange Happening in Washington D.C. (2020) wherein Justen and Wes Faull present historical evidence pointing to America’s connection with Babylon and how, in the main ritual of the ages, the Antichrist is to be resurrected on American soil!

“For the Masons who want to bring the Antichrist to power, they will most likely look at this lunar eclipse as a positive sign that they will succeed, but from God’s and a Jewish perspective, it represents judgment on Israel.”
The Return of The King YTC

It does appear that the signs we see in the heavens from June through September 2020 are in tune with what we see going on in the world now: the coming wars, the pestilences, famines of ‘biblical proportion’, money becoming worthless, the mark of the beast technology, and so forth are at our doorstep.

It is evident that the world will soon be clamoring for someone to solve their problems thus giving an open door to the Antichrist. The autumn of 2020 seems highly probable for The Tribulation to begin. If this is the case, the Rapture must occur between now and the Feast of Trumpets!

If the Lord indeed showed me in The dropping of HIS shoe -- 2 Visions the timing of the Rapture in relation to a shaking of the United States, we may still see a merciful and GLORIOUS OUTPOURING giving lost loved ones their last wake-up call before the Light of the Overcoming Church vanquishes.

Stephanie Dawn from Unsealed.org made some astute observations in her article, Pentecost--The Feast That Ties Everything Together For the Church . . . I was elated when I re-read what Stephanie Dawn wrote about Pentecost and Joel’s prophecy. Is it possible that the very last move of God--the Bride’s Revival--is the fulfillment of the Joel 2 army culminating in our escape and wedding? [The Bride's Revival and The Rapture excerpt]

The exhortation the Lord gave back in 2018 keeps coming back to my mind:

. . . Continue to watch, but also be at the ready for even a retreating army does not turn its back on the enemy! The time for My Bride to hear the last trump nears. She is not retreating but is being called home to rest. But til then, Beloved, fight on! I know you feel you have but a little strength but that is when My grace is sufficient and My strength is made greater within you! Shine, My brilliant ones, SHINE! You are the glory of My head and the joy of My heart and I too long for that day when we are together. ["New York, Chicago, L.A." excerpt]

The Rapture Comet [added July 10, 2020]

Soon after finishing this article I caught Jacob Israel’s latest video Surprise Comet Neowise wherein he shares a dream he had July 3 that possibly foretold the coming of this comet. Although I am uncertain I agree with Jacob’s eschatology, I did appreciate his prophetic input on the significance of Comet Neowise.

This article would not be complete, therefore, unless I include Lu Vega’s article (with its accompanying chart) on this celestial phenomenon which he hopes is The Rapture Comet! Lu shares intriguing connections of how this comet may be a flashing sign from God that’s serving to highlight the potential timing of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ sometime in mid-July (22nd to the 25th), which is the precise time-frame for the double-count of when true Pentecost is to occur.

To top it all off, the Hope InHim Youtube Channel (produced by Hope of The Call of the Bride blogspot) recently posted the video July dates and Chariot Vision wherein she states we need to be watching the dates of July 23-25. I left the following Comment below her video:

Thank you, Hope, for sharing this! As others have already commented, it is possible that Pentecost is in the July 23-25 time frame Zach was shown so perhaps this is when the OUTPOURING occurs!

I'm wondering if your chariot vision, in addition to what you were shown re. Israel, also has anything to do with the Joel 2 army and the vision I shared in https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2020/01/year-of-shining-one-anointing.html wherein I saw a great army in full armor on horseback with darkness surrounding them but great flames radiating from their heads. Blessings as you continue to endure to the end♥

Huge Lion's Roar Superflare Seen From Japan forbes.com
The Rapture Roar [added July 13, 2020]

Our resolute Brother, Lu Vega, has called our attention to another heavenly sign in his article The Rapture Roar? about a huge super flare seen from Japan coming from a star called AD Leonis (also called Gliese 388) in the constellation Leo, the Lion!

We may experience the GLORIOUS OUTPOURING and the completion of the Joel 2 prophecy beginning in this month of July and meet our Heavenly Bridegroom in the air. Oh, HALLELUJAH! One thing is certain, He is coming for us--the Spirit and the Bride say COME!