Saturday, August 25, 2018

3 Days of Darkness?

Every believer who reads this needs to take what I am about to share and seek the Lord for guidance. Recently I have seen a resurgence of what has been called a Catholic prophecy of three days of darkness that is to cover the earth. When I heard about this last year, I disregarded it.

3 Hours of Darkness in Russia

Then on July 20 of this year, a region in Russia experienced three hours of complete darkness. Satan, in his pursuit to be God, tries to counterfeit the power of YHWH and that may be the case here.

A House Divided! ManyFish YT analyzes the 3 hours of darkness in Russia and shares his belief that the elite, who are Luciferians, are behind this oddity.

The Watchers article referred to in this video can be found at: Mystery surrounds Arctic Siberia as day turns to complete darkness for 3 hours, Russia  Here is an excerpt:

Even though they should have 24 hour light at this time of year, the remote Eveno-Bytantaisky, Zhigansky, and Verkhozansky districts in Siberia, Russia saw their day turn into a 'complete darkness' for almost three hours on Friday, July 20, 2018.

"I couldn’t see a thing without switching lights on. We took torches to walk outside, but no-one wanted to be on the street because the feeling was as if something heavy in the air was pressing on your chest", said one resident. . .

There is still no official explanation of the phenomenon from meteorological, defense, or other deferral officials.

Because no official explanation has come forth, many theories are out there. I do not know if this darkness was from God OR if it was man made. If it is man made, I am referring to how the elite of the world are using fallen angel technology and have put into place one or more sun simulators. 

(Check out the ad by, the online electricals retailer, which first aired on the same day as the Russian blackout: AO Saves the Day!)

Starting at about the 20-minute mark in his Red Planet with 3 Orbiting Moons video, in addition to giving photographic evidence of Planet X and three of its orbiting bodies, Jeff P also explains how there is a lens array being used to hide Planet X and shows evidence of how it works. Steve Olson has additional evidence at WSO Proof of Planet X and System Hiding It.

The 9th Plague

Whatever reason this darkness came to Russia, it is possible it could occur again. This was in the back of my mind when I saw MidnightHourOil’s most recent video, Warning Dreams!!! Darkness and Danger warning of a coming time of darkness. As I watched the video, I remembered a dream that I believe the Lord Jesus gave me back in 2015. More on that later.

I also remembered how I wrote that we are seeing a reenactment of the 10 plagues of Egypt:

Comeback of the Plagues of Egypt

To my knowledge the Scriptures do not foretell that the world will see a reenactment of the ten plagues Egypt experienced during the time of Moses. However, that is exactly what has been happening! The Youtube channel Rapture Watchers does an excellent job encapsulating prophetic signs. Back in 2017 she did a video—The Prophecies are Happening Right Before our Eyes!—that listed eight of the ten plagues of Moses that made a comeback in 2016:
Waters to blood
Gnats or lice
Swarms of flies
Animals die

One of the plagues of Egypt was darkness. The Spirit of the Lord has not shown me this will occur, but there are those who have been prophesying three days of darkness to occur worldwide before the rapture. [Excerpt from tribulation before Tribulation]

There are many prophetic parallels between Israel’s exodus out of Egypt and the Overcoming Church’s exodus out of the world so the reoccurrence of these plagues is compelling.

When I wrote in the above article that “The Spirit of the Lord has not shown me this will occur”, I had forgotten my 2015 dream.  

2015 Dream

I had been praying that God would give me a night vision or dream and on April 11, 2015, He did.

In the dream I was riding in a red convertible with a number of other people. I had the sense that we were going to a conference or some other gathering of the saints. The top was down and it was a beautiful day where the sky was that clear blue with only fluffy white clouds here and there. I looked up and saw UFOs in the clouds overhead so I asked the driver to slow down so I could get a better look at them since I had never seen them before. (In real life I have never seen a UFO either.) The clouds obscured a clear view but the crafts were circular. I saw three but somehow knew there were more.

There was no feeling of alarm in the dream until the sky suddenly went black—so black you could not see anything. By this time the car I had been traveling in had stopped or was forced to stop due to the darkness. In my dream it seemed that I instantly went from the car scene to a scene where I was in what seemed to be an abandoned house. I remember being with a man (unknown to me) and a toddler (also unknown) with other people in the background who were in the house waiting until sunlight came again. [Excerpt from Giants, Aliens and a Total Solar Eclipse]

Dreams must be weighed against the Scriptures. Most of the verses I found on the sun being darkened relate to the time of Jacob’s Trouble when the 7-year period of Israel’s travail or The Tribulation begins. However, Joel 2 refers to the sun being darkened before the day of the Lord begins:

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come. - Joel 2:31 KJV

Many are familiar with this verse for it has been used relative to The Solar Eclipse Omen and the blood moon tetrad.

In 2 Kings Chapter 20 there is a record of the sun’s shadow retrogressing on a dial in the courtyard of Hezekiah. Although there are no verses to prove God will cause three days of darkness, it is very evident He is capable of such a miracle should He choose to do so.

No Fear

So, there you have it. As one of My Lord’s many watchmen, I would feel remiss if I didn’t submit this information for your prayerful consideration.

I appreciate the video Cornelius Jones did related to this subject wherein he says (at about the 20 minute mark), “In my studies of the Scriptures, I have seen where God prophesies He will use darkness not just for judgment but as a sign of the coming judgment.” 

The children of Israel had light in their homes during the plague of darkness and were safe (Exodus 10:23). Because we emanate the Light of the World having Christ in us, we need have no fear if this plague of darkness should come upon us.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Earthquakes and Resurrections

PART 2—Earthquakes and Resurrections

Earthquake Indicators

When asked what the sign would be of His Second Coming, Jesus spoke of a grand convergence of wars and earthquakes being indicators of the Tribulation and marking its beginning.

But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end [is] not by and by.
Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:
And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. Luke 21:9-11

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. - Matthew 24:6-7 KJV

All these [are] the beginning [archē] of sorrows [ōdin] - Matthew 24:8 KJV

archē—“the person or thing that commences, the first person or thing in a series, the leader; that by which anything begins to be, the origin, the active cause”

ōdin—"the pain of childbirth, travail pain, birth pangs”

Time and time again the 7-year Tribulation is compared to a woman in travail. We are seeing the warm-up contractions (or false labor) of this global travail that is to come in the form of earthquakes that are increasing in intensity and frequency EVERY YEAR!

Later in Chapter 21 of Luke, Jesus says that when you see this CONVERGENCE BEGIN it is time to LOOK UP!

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. - Luke 21:28 KJV

Earthquake Tetrad

Daniel Matson of points out that just as there was a tetrad of blood moons on Feast Days back in 2014-2015, there was a tetrad of quakes 7.0+ on the Richter Scale during 2017-2018:

Notice that the July 17, 2017, quake in Kamchatka, Russia occurred on the same day that Jews openly prayed at the Temple Mount since the Waqf took it over in 1967. (Related articles: The Times of Israel--Waqf; The Times of Israel 7/17/17)

The New York Times reported that 2017 Set a Record for Losses From Natural Disasters. It Could Get Worse. As I finish editing this article, my husband informs me that an 8.2 earthquake occurred in Fiji last night! I believe that 2018 will see an uptick in quakes including more 8.0+ shakings. 

Israel’s Earthquakes

Israel has recently been experiencing quake activity as well.

Several rabbis are pointing to last week’s rare lunar eclipse and continued earthquakes as a divine pre-Messianic wake-up call. [Excerpt from]

J. D. Farag pointed out that Scripture prophesies of a “shaking” to occur simultaneously with the Ezekiel 38 war (Ezekiel 38:18-19).

Revelation 6 Global Shaking

Resurrections to immortality are associated with earthquakes in Scripture. I believe Revelation Chapter 6 describes a global earthquake that is coming when the Bride of Christ is resurrected and transformed at the Rapture. It is possible that this worldwide shaking will kick off the 7-year Tribulation period; however, I am not certain whether the Ezekiel 38 shaking in Israel is associated with this global catastrophe or not.

As I’ve stated before, I believe America will 'lose her crown' before the Ezekiel 38 war begins. John Fenn was shown that our nation would experience two hurricanes resulting in expensive damages followed soon after by two devastating earthquakes (one near Seattle, Washington, and the other near St. Louis, Missouri). The first is in the Cascadia Seismic Zone and the second along the New Madrid Fault Line or Zone. 

A number of known men of God have shared their dreams and visions related to this such as John Kilpatrick, Shane Warren, John Paul Jackson and Sundar Selvaraj, but probably the first was David Wilkerson back in 1973:
The United States is going to experience, in the not-too-distant future, the most tragic earthquake in its history…I am not at all convinced that this earthquake will take place in California. In fact, I believe it is going to take place where it is least expected. (The Vision and Beyond by David Wilkerson...)  [Excerpt from Hair-Raising Significant Week]

Bob Barber of Endtime Dream & Vision YT Channel believes the New Madrid Earthquake will be part of the Revelation 6:14-16 global earthquake; however, I do not know whether or not either of the two quakes will be part of that worldwide shaking.

It has been prophesied that at least one great earthquake will occur in the United States prior to the Rapture, so we should be ready to walk by the Spirit and walk in Love when this occurs!

I believe some of the natural catastrophes may be judgments to awaken the world to the season we are in but that we have not entered the time of wrath yet. Judgment is a loving act of mercy intent on bringing people to repentance to avoid the punishment of wrath. Season of the Overcomer 

World War Looms

As we are seeing the soon culmination of The Fig Tree Generation, the “hook in the mouth” drawing nations to position themselves for the Ezekiel 38 war is becoming more and more evident. (See J. D. Farag's July 29, 2018, Bible Prophecy Update.)

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;
When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.
So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.
Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled. Luke 21:28-32
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. - Luke 21:36 KJV

Those who made Christ Lord (Romans 10:9) after the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost (Acts 2are worthy to escape all these things not of our own worthiness but because it is Christ in us who is worthy!


I am hoping that Isaiah 66:7 refers to a DOUBLE fulfillment. The first of which is indicated in Isaiah 66:8 as the rebirth of Israel as a nation state (which was formally documented recently--again, refer to J. D. Farag's July 29, 2018, Bible Prophecy Update) AND the second fulfillment being the Rapture of the Church Bride before Jacob’s Trouble:

Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child. -Isaiah 66:7 KJV

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and [to] his throne. - Revelation 12:5 KJV

If Isaiah 66:7 does refer to our Rapture then we are destined to be caught up before sudden destruction begins because travail equals Tribulation. Paul wrote that the day of the Lord will catch people unaware similar to how labor pains catch a pregnant woman off-guard BUT THAT WE WILL NOT be caught off-guard as to the timing of the day of the Lord! [Excerpt Escaping the Red Dragon]

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. 1 Thessalonians 5:4

Seasonable Moment

I believe the Spirit of the Most High God is saying that on March 11, 2018, the anniversary of the 2011 Japanese tsunami, the prophetic amniotic waters of the world broke. This is a signal of the very, very soon travail coming upon the earth. Just as a woman’s labor typically begins soon after her waters break, so will The Tribulation begin soon! [Excerpt from End Time Birth Pains and Planet X]

Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come. - John 2:4 KJV

In Bullinger’s Companion Bible, he refers readers to his notes in John 7:6 which shows that the word “hour” = “seasonable moment”.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live. - John 5:25 KJV

“The hour is coming” is a figure of speech called synecdoche:  Syn-ec'-do-che; or, Transfer meaning “The exchange of one idea for another associated idea.” Appendix 6 Figures of Speech From The Companion Bible

I believe this refers to both a transfer from spiritual death to spiritual life when one confesses Christ as Lord AND the transfer from physical death to eternal life at the Resurrection/Rapture of the Overcoming Church.

Every resurrection to immortality recorded in the Scriptures was accompanied by an earthquake. There is a book written on this subject called Earthquake Resurrection. Here is a blurb from their site:

Earthquake Resurrection explores the possibility that the disappearance of a large group of believers worldwide will be masked by global catastrophe. This possibility is based on a pattern found in scripture that the power unleashed when a human being is resurrected into an immortal body causes a shaking of the surrounding earth. The pattern is evident with the two recorded historic instances of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the "many saints who had died" in Matthew 27, as well as with the resurrection of the two witnesses of Revelation chapter 11 in the future.
    What does this portend for the future, much larger, global resurrection of the dead in Christ? Will there be a global shaking of the earth from the power of the resurrection? What is the purpose of the "harpazo", the Greek term for the quick and sudden snatching or seizure of believers just after the resurrection of the dead in Christ? Is there some kind of harm from which they need be snatched away? What is the "trump of God" that accompanies the event? If God's voice was described as the sound of a trumpet in scripture, and in the past it caused Mount Sinai and the surrounding area to shake greatly, will this also occur when the trump of God is sounded at the resurrection of the dead in Christ?

In my article Event Horizon--The Resurrection I share about the research done on the Shroud of Turin wherein amazing hair-raising information was uncovered related to what happens when a person is resurrected to immortality. (A related article is Event Horizon--Sign of the Son of Man?)

Not Much Time Left

Just as in a natural birth the precise timing of a baby’s birth is unknown, so will the timing of the birth of the Overcoming Man Child not be known until it happens. All we know is we are in the season of the “seasonable moment” and there’s not much time left.

Because Psalm 90:10 tells us a generation is 70 or 80 years in length and because Jesus said (Matthew 24:32-34) that all of the end times events would be concluded within The Fig Tree Generation, there is only a short period of time left (2-3 years at most).

So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation. - Hebrews 9:28 KJV

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Consider the Heavens

Part 1--Consider the Heavens

The Wise Seek Him

Just as the wise men (or magi) followed the signs in the heavens for approximately two years to meet the Messiah at His First Coming, so we see the indicators of His Second Coming. The Second Coming, of course, referring to Christ’s actual return to earth NOT our meeting Him in the air at the harpazō which occurs beforehand.

Suffice it to say, that during those two years, the planets and stars told a story that was absolutely incredible, so incredible that the Great Magi of Babylon felt compelled to take a long journey at great expense to see the One to Whom the whole heavens appeared to be pointing.

The wise men only “knew in part” just as we do, but they went forward with what they knew and succeeded in meeting the Messiah some months after His birth.

We also know from the writer of Matthew that when the Wisemen came Jesus was no longer in a stable. He was in a house whereas when the shepherds of Israel came, He was "lying in a manger" in a stable. (Matt. 2:11) ("To the Jews first" and then to the Gentiles.)

So too those of us who are looking up and watching the signs of Christ’s Second Coming see the nearness of the close of the Age of Grace and anticipate meeting the Lord in the air—our blessed hope. Personally, it has been almost three years I have been in this journey since the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me that His Coming was close at hand.

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; - Titus 2:13 KJV

The Holy Spirit is revealing MUCH to His people related to the nearness of the Resurrection and Rapture of His Overcoming Church, however, I find it difficult to believe that God would give the actual date of His Son’s gathering of the Bride. Gary from recently did an interesting article listing the mounting earthly and heavenly signs and giving possible Rapture dates (admitting it is speculation and not prediction)--

No one knew the precise timing of Christ’s birth until it was announced to the shepherds and no one will know the precise time of the Resurrection/Rapture of the Overcoming Church until it happens.

The Heavens Declare

Although I do not believe we can pinpoint the day of the Resurrection/Rapture of the Bride of Christ, I do believe the Gospel Story is written in the stars.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.
[There is] no speech nor language, [where] their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.
- Psalm 19:1-4a KJV

The Heavens, the constellations spell out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. And that is what David is referring to in this Psalm.
The most important story ever told… the Gospel message was and is told by the stars written in the Heavens in plain sight and nothing man nor Satan could do could or would ever take it away . . .
So it should come as no surprise that Satan, from earliest times, has set out to obscure and deny the witness that is the Gospel told by the stars. Satan knew that man would see the stars you can’t hide them. And the message would be passed down through time using these memory aids. Satan knew he had to offer an alternate story…a counterfeit of the true heavenly message. So Satan offered astrology . . .

The End of His Story will be written in the stars just as The Beginning was. E. W. Bullinger expresses this beautifully in his book, The Witness of the Stars. Below is an excerpt from its Preface:
It is the possession of "that blessed hope" of Christ's speedy return from heaven which will give true interest in the great subject of this book.
No one can dispute the antiquity of the signs of the Zodiac, or of the constellations. No one can question the accuracy of the ancient star names which have come down to us, for they are still preserved in every good celestial atlas. And we hope that no one will be able to resist the cumulative evidence that, apart from God's grace in Christ there is no hope for sinners now; and apart from God's glory, as it will be manifested in the return of Christ from heaven, there is no hope for Israel, no hope for the world, no hope for a groaning creaton. In spite of all the vaunted promises of a religious world, and of a worldly church, to remove the effects of the curse by a social gospel of sanitation, we are more and more shut up to the prophecy of Genesis 3:15, which we wait and long to see fulfilled in Christ as our only hope.
Psalm 19 further exhorts us to look to the heavens for our Bridegroom:

Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, - Psalm 19:4 KJV
Which [is] as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, [and] rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. - Psalm 19:5 KJV

The Sign of the Woman that appeared in the constellation Virgo on September 23, 2017, is part of His Story and THE STORY IS CONTINUING!

Libra/The Altar

The YouTube Channel clearlywrittendotnet calls our attention to Jupiter arriving in the constellation Libra which in ancient times was referred to as The Altar. He believes this, along with other related planetary movements, is indicating an October 17, 2018 Rapture (5 Major Rapture Signs Are Being Ignored (continued).

The Summer Morning Star

Other watchers believe the heavens are declaring a summer Rapture such as Daniel Valles of informedchristians:  

Jesus used the pattern of summer drawing nigh, as a comparison to His coming - and that preceding signs would show something was nigh. We are now at the time of the arrival mark (summer) - that the signs were pointing to. It is here that we see several celestial events that remind us of the prophetic next chapter, and other celestial time pictures that Jesus used in the Book of Revelation - written for the churches. Right NOW is the time for hearing what He said, looking for Him to appear, and shining bright for Him! Maranatha!! The Bright and Morning Star

In this video Daniel shares that in ancient times the star Sirius was referred to as “the morning star” and how it may be the key to understanding how close the Rapture is. He surmises Sirius might be what God’s Word is referring to in Revelation Chapter 2—

And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.
And I will give him the morning star. - Revelation 2:26-28 KJV

Jubilee Indicator

Sandy Armstrong, Soldiers for Christ YT, also believes the Scriptures point to the summertime for the Great Harvest and that we are currently in the 120th Jubilee Year which will end sometime in September 2018.

(The Great Harvest has a double meaning, I believe. It is speaking of the end time harvest of souls AND it is speaking of the 3-PART HARVEST before the Messiah’s Second Coming to earth. That is why in the above rhema He said, “LOOK UP!” SEASON OF THE OVERCOMER)

Beginning at around the 20-minute mark of his July 18th The 9th Of Av Curse And The Rapture video, Brother Sandy shares this insight:

Woe is me! for I am as when they have gathered the summer fruits, as the grapegleanings of the vintage: [there is] no cluster to eat: my soul desired the firstripe fruit. - Micah 7:1 KJV

Here in Micah 7:1 it is HARVEST TIME and God is going out to gather the summer fruit and finds there are NO grapes of the first-ripened fruits. This refers to Him seeking to harvest from Israel; however, God finds none who are qualified at this time. (Remember during this Age of Grace the chosen ekklēsia is NOT identified as Jew or Greek, only as those who are one in Christ—Galatians 3:28.)

The good [man] [chaciyd] is perished ['abad] out of the earth: and [there is] none upright among men: they all lie in wait for blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net. - Micah 7:2 KJV

Brother Sandy shares that these verses are referring to the time of the Resurrection/Rapture when all the saints have disappeared from the face of the earth and evil runs rampant so much so that you cannot trust the one you go to bed with. Other supporting Scriptures are:

The righteous perish ['abad] and no one takes it to heart; devout men are swept away ['acaph]  , with none considering that the righteous are guided from the presence of evil. Isaiah 57:1 Berean Study Bible

The word “perish” is translated from the Hebrew word 'abad which is most commonly translated into English as “perish” but is more accurately translated as “vanish” and can also mean “ESCAPE”. And the phrase “swept away” is translated from the Hebrew word 'acaph which means “gather; together; assemble; rereward”.

Help, O LORD, for the godly [chaciyd] are no more [gamar]; the faithful have vanished [pacac] from among men. Psalm 12:1b Berean Study Bible

The Hebrew word chaciyd means “saints; godly men” and gamar  means “come to an end; complete; perfect” while pacac translates into “disappear; vanish”.

When are the godly perfected and vanish from among men? At the resurrection and harpazō of the Overcoming Church.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump:
 for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible,
and we shall be changed.
- 1 Corinthians 15:52 KJV

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive [and] remain shall be caught up [harpazō] together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. - 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 KJV

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up [harpazō] unto God, and [to] his throne. - Revelation 12:5 KJV

It did my heart good to hear at the end of Brother Sandy’s video what someone told him over the phone:

“If the Rapture happens before Yom Kippur 2018 all this crazy study you did was right. . . so we understand you must be hearing from God.”

“I’m glad you called, ’cause I thought I was crazy,” Sandy responded.

“Hold on, you might still be,” the man said while laughing, “if we don’t have a Rapture before Yom Kippur 2018!”

Whether our Heavenly Father chooses to send His Son to catch us away in 2018 or not, we are right to have great anticipation in the coming autumn as we look for our blessed hope!

May the God of all grace accept and bless this effort to show forth His glory, and use it to strengthen His people in waiting for His Son from Heaven, even Jesus which delivered us from the wrath to come.

Ethelbert W. Bullinger