Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Breaking the Chain of Fear

1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment.
One of the joys of my childhood in the Great North was playing in the ever-present wintertime snow. I remember a day when my brothers and sisters and I were sliding down the great mounds of plowed snow in my uncle's farmyard along with our cousins. We were yelling and screaming as kids always do, but it turned into shrieks of terror when their vicious dog broke its chain and ran to where we were playing and began to attack us. I shrieked the loudest and attempted to escape by climbing the makeshift hill but he grabbed a hold of my heel and dragged me down. Fortunately my boots and heavy clothing kept me from any physical harm, but my soul had been scarred for life with fear.

Far from my mind was this memory when my husband Tom and I took a brisk walk in our neighborhood on a recent spring-like day. "Look at that sky," I sighed. Great swaths of pure white vaporous clouds wispily curtained the pale azure vault. The sight gave rise to worship within my heart and I thanked God for the beauty of the day. Love poured over and through me deeper than the warmth of the sun. Suddenly the pleasure of the moment was disrupted as a large white dog came running towards us barking a warning.

"Oh, no," I said as the adrenaline rush of fear tried to rise up in me. My husband was between the oncoming animal and me. We continued to walk hoping the dog would lose interest, but he didn't.
"His hackles are up," Tom said, his voice lowered. But within the flash of that moment the dear Holy Spirit came with guidance and I began to sing softly in tongues. I looked heavenward as we continued to walk and the Holy Presence poured over and through me once again. Immediately, the dog stopped barking and began to sniff the ground at a nearby mailbox losing all interest in us.

Then I remembered how by the Spirit I escaped being brutally mauled by an attack dog when Tom and I and our then two children lived in a mobile home park. I was walking to a neighbor's trailer when I heard a growl behind me. The Holy Spirit inspired me to whistle a tune as I continued to walk. As the beast closed in, I turned towards it and with pointed finger commanded, "In the name of Jesus Christ return to your home and do not come back out." I watched with amazement (and knees knocking) as that trained attack dog did exactly as I spoke.

THANK YOU LORD JESUS, OUR YAHSHUA HA MOSHIACH, for sending us the oh so precious Holy Spirit. Only through Him are we able to overcome the things of the world! Only by the blood of the Lamb came the gift of Holy Spirit. And only by the immeasurable love of our Heavenly Father came the Son.