Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Because it is such a busy time in my personal life, I didn’t think I would be posting any articles until after Christmas. HOWEVER, a prophetic urgency has arisen for this month of December we are in.

It first began with a brief vision I received this past Saturday. I became weary and laid my head on my folded arms that were resting upon my desk. I fell asleep briefly and as I awoke, I had a vision of dense woods and heard the Lord say, “I will deliver you from the midst of the woods. You may feel lost and alone, but I will come and deliver you.”

As a child did you ever get yourself lost in a neighboring forest? I did once when I was very, very young. I wasn’t far from home but felt as though I would never see home again.

Several prophetic voices have recently posted urgent words for this month of December. The vision the Lord gave I believe is related to upcoming harrowing events and how we will feel when they begin and we still find ourselves here on earth.

In the Scriptures, forests were where wild beasts lived but were also places of refuge. We might feel that we are “in the woods” when in reality God has given us a place of refuge:

I will make a covenant of peace with them and eliminate harmful beasts from the land so that they may live securely in the wilderness and sleep in the woods.

In a nutshell, here are a series of prophetic warnings recently posted related to the completion of the Trump Peace Plan and the coming judgment on New York City perhaps this Christmas Season. Also Hope of The Call of the Bride blog posted a video of a dream she had possibly warning of some type of disaster coming to America this December 12.

Tim Henderson   December 4, 2019   3:05 minutes

Paul Begley   December 3, 2019   1:20:12 (link begins at 3:40 minutes)

IT IS FINISHED   December 3, 2019 repost of December 2017 video   3:00 minutes   September 14, 2019

Hope InHim   November 29, 2019   4:38 minutes

TWELVE is a perfect number, signifying perfection of government, or of governmental perfection. It is found as a multiple in all that has to do with rule. The sun which "rules" the day, and the moon and stars which "govern" the night, do so by their passage through the twelve signs of the Zodiac which completes the great circle of the heavens of 360 (12 x 30) degrees or divisions, and thus govern the year. Number in Scripture

I am not looking forward to judgments coming, but I will be excited to see if the 12th month falls within the Timetable for God to begin the process of governmental perfection in preparation for the Millennial Kingdom!


Brother John of Watchman For That Great Day YTC has done a wonderful compilation of video clips pointing to great calamities due to occur very likely this month. It is only the mighty hand of God that holds them back! Our co-watchman John explains how the Earth is experiencing actual CONTRACTIONS and how THE BIRTH OF THE MAN CHILD IS TRULY AT HAND!

Consider THIS! 
Watchman For That Great Day   12/2/19   49:17 min (but link starts video at about 10-minute mark)

Also Tim Henderson received an open vision of a calendar highlighting December 26:

December 26, 2019 is Significant! Solar Eclipse.... 
Tim Henderson   12/5/19   7:33 minutes

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

TRANSITION--It won't be long now!

Just when I think my mind is too cluttered to hear Him, He makes a way. He is showing all of us hidden things, giving us encouraging signals, winks and nods. For me, I truly feel like a spiritual midwife helping my laboring brethren through the arduous last hours on Earth!

To stay on top of things, I listen to alternative news channels on Youtube as I do household chores. Tim Henderson’s channel is one of them. Just today Tim told how the Lord woke him from a deep sleep and told him to write this down:

. . . This message is for true believers . . . A shedding has begun as we transition. . . We are going from glory to glory. . . He is coming for His Bride, the Glorious Church. . . Weights and lusts we have struggled with we will struggle with no more! The last vestiges of a prolonged illness will be as if it never was!” [Message in part]

This living word from the Spirit of God gave me much encouragement and confirmed what He has been showing me and others. [Related posts: Erasing the Line in the Sand for a September Rapture; 5780--The Year of the Mouth and Birthing]

Resting during transition

Then Tim spoke this exhortation--“We need to be focused on abiding in Him, trusting in Him, resting in His amazing grace.” When I heard this, I knew I had to share with you all what the Spirit of Christ impressed on me yesterday.

While viewing a video about a water filter we were thinking of buying, I saw that the Youtube Channel I was watching featured home birth stories. Being that I also had had home births (wa-a-ay back in the day) and had trained as a doula, I was curious about what this young mother had to share. As I listened to her tell the story of the home birth of her sixth child, the Spirit of God caused my ears to perk as she described going into transition.

In the 10-minute video she admitted saying to her midwife, “I don’t like this part,” when she knew she had entered the transition phase of her labor. Having used the Bradley Method for her home births, this mom knew that if she concentrated on resting during her contractions, she would not experience any pain.

As in all births, transition is the most acute phase so it is challenging to relax during the constant barrage of intense contractions.

She continued her story while cradling her three-days-old newborn. “I was able to recognize, because of all my previous births, that I was in transition so I knew it wouldn’t be long at all. That gave me such hope. This part’s pretty hard but it’s almost over!”

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ--be of good cheer! Have hope! “This part’s pretty hard but it’s almost over!”

As a spiritual midwife, I cannot do the labor for you--each individually must experience the contractions for themselves--but I can speak words of exhortation, encouragement, and words of guidance as to how to handle the contractions. And this is that guidance--REST! Rest in the Lord! Seek His holy face. No matter how you might feel, He loves you fiercely and desires to speak words of comfort to you.

Not long now, Dear Ones.

I'm not certain, of course, what we will face during this time. I just know that if we keep our focus on Him, we will have a peace that passes understanding and we will be able to endure any “contractions” or worldly tribulations without pain.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. - John 16:33 KJV

Tim Henderson yesterday reported that since the U.S. announcement of Israeli settlements on the West Bank being within legal guidelines, rockets once again were being fired causing a red alert to be issued. He also mentioned that the Damascus Airport was being targeted.

Additionally, according to Tim’s highly reliable intel source, there is a strong chance that Israel could possibly face a third election. If the result is again no government being formed, it is likely Israel will look to the Anti-Messiah for their leadership! Prophetically speaking, that means soon we will be outta here for the Scripture assures us the Rapture MUST occur before the Antichrist can be revealed! 

Oh what a Hope we have! Beloved Brethren, The Man Child is entering transition--it won’t be long at all--it’s almost over.

Sunday, November 17, 2019


I was inspired to write this post because of certain Youtube videos I’ve recently seen. We have been blessed by the Youtube ministries of many of God’s saints who share the signs and indicators as they watch for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, Yahshuah ha Moshiach. I am thinking today especially of those who study the heavenly star charts in accordance with Genesis 1:14. Because of Google’s upcoming December 10 terms of service changes to Youtube, however, we may not have access to these particular ministries much longer.

Jacob Israel's channel was where I first saw the news of these changes coming to Youtube. He also produced a video informing us that Nibiru was in the mainstream news back in September of this year:

Astronomers have discovered a giant planet whose extreme orbit makes it unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

Dubbed HR 5183 b, the exoplanet is at least three times as massive as Jupiter, and it takes a long, looping path around a star that lies about 100 light-years away in the constellation Virgo.

Of course, the astronomers don’t say it’s Nibiru nor do they admit that this giant planet or dwarf star is in our solar system. But ain’t it funny how they keep putting out all these strange discoveries of exoplanets?

Remember this:

Shared in 2017

The Washington Post December 1983
NASA, of course, is not fully disclosing what it knows. They announced the discovery of Planet X/Nibiru back in 1983 but then went silent about it after the press got a hold of the story. NASA's Planet 9 Announcement

09/06/14 - Whenever I read or hear "NASA" and Planet X...I am reminded of this article from 1983.  I only use this link because the actual news clipping is on there.  But today I read the article and the paragraph below is actually in the article!  (my emphasis)

" The gravitational pull of this tenth planet, on its way toward us right now, is already beginning to show its effects on our entire solar system. When Planet X crosses between the earth and the sun, the earth’s surface plates (the land masses) will be shifted; the earth may actually stop its rotation for 3 days while it is in the grip of this massive planet as it speeds past the earth; there will be mega-huge earthquakes; there will be massive tidal waves; there will be extremely high winds and hurricane force torrential rains; there will also be meteor showers from the debris dragged along in space in the tail of this planet due to its tremendous gravitational pull."

(If the link Hope provided does not work, go to: It seems this article is quite buried when you attempt to search for it! When searching The Washington Post archives, I could only find a similar article but not the original one!)

And remember this also from 2017--

NASA is giving soft disclosure of this incoming planetary disaster by, I believe, referring to it as the Trappist-1 System. . . The Four Heavenly Signs of 2017

Now in 2019 it seems that NASA is continuing to give soft disclosure of Planet X/Nibiru dubbing it HR 5183 b!

Isaiah 24

The Scriptures tell us that in the last days the world will literally be turned upside down!

Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. - Isaiah 24:1 KJV

It appears that the binary system of Planet X/Nibiru is what will cause this! I thought it was interesting that Paul Begley recently posted a Prophetic Alert on this and shared how Nibiru was responsible for Egypt’s plagues and that Isaiah 24 prophesies a repeat of its appearance.

In my article 5780--The Year of the Mouth and Birthing I shared a Prophetic Word through Maurice Sklar wherein he said that Our Exodus parallels Moses and the children of Israel’s Exodus. I believe we will experience a similar plague of darkness and have high hopes that Our Exodus could come in this Year of 5780.

The OUT-Resurrection!

So with our heads lifted up in watchfulness, so too should our hearts be lifted up to Him who is our cause, our goal. In the Book of Philippians the apostle Paul displays his exuberance in watching for and living for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ:

For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh. - Philippians 3:3 KJV
That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death; - Philippians 3:10 KJV
If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection [exanastasis] of the dead. - Philippians 3:11 KJV

There’s 3:11 again 😊

I love that Philippians 3:11 refers to the exanastasis because it points to Revelation 3:11.

Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. - Revelation 3:11 KJV

The King James Version translates (incorrectly, I might add) this Greek word into “resurrection”. Anastasis is defined as “a rising up; a standing up again, i.e. (literally) a resurrection from death”. But the Greek word is ex-anastasis:

“Resurrection” is the Greek word, exanastasis, meaning out-resurrection. This word is unique to this passage; however it is not reflected in the English translations. It differs from the normal word for resurrection by the addition of ex, a preposition meaning out of or out from.[3] It is clear by using the term Paul does not mean a general resurrection of all the dead. Likewise, it clearly suggests it is for believers. Why does Paul use a different term from the preceding verse (3:10)?  Is the term different from the general term of resurrection? If so, how? If Paul had meant the ordinary meaning of resurrection, why does he not simply use it? That is exactly the interpretive problem. The answer is not an easy one.

I happened to catch Steve Cioccolanti's recent video where he refers to exanastasis  as the “better resurrection”. I believe, however, Paul is using this Greek word, exanastasis--literally translated “OUT RESURRECTION”, to refer to the Rapture/Resurrection!

Attaining the Out-Resurrection?

The Berean Advocate Blogspot explains my view that Paul specifically uses exanastasis in reference to his hope that he will live to see the Rapture. This viewpoint also explains what Paul meant when he wrote “If by any means I might attain:

The Rapture View. This view holds that the out-resurrection is the rapture of the church, which affects the living believers, not just the dead (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; 1 Corinthians 15:51-53).[10] Johnson gives four main arguments for it being the rapture:[11]
·   That Paul is speaking of something to attain, which he would do if the Rapture came during this lifetime. The rapture concerns the ones who are alive at His coming and underscores Paul’s element of expectation, while at the same time it may not happen. To this view the element of doubt is about living until the rapture.
·    This is supported by the particles ei pos. “While one cannot be in doubt about participation in the first resurrection [rapture], yet one can be in doubt about whether he will be alive at the time of the first resurrection [rapture].”[12]. . .

Hold Fast Thy Crown

We are heaven bound but we press toward it with holy desires and hopes. Our endeavors are not only in seeking Christ our Bridegroom, but in bringing with us crowns and rewards to toss at His feet. (This is where “that no man take your crown” of Revelation 3:11 comes in 😉)

Paul goes on to explain what he means by “attaining”:

Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.
Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but [this] one thing [I do], forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, - 
I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 3:12=14 KJV

[Verse]14. high calling--literally, "the calling that is above" ( Gal 4:26 Col 3:1 ): "the heavenly calling" ( Hbr 3:1 ). "The prize" is "the crown of righteousness" ( 1Cr 9:24 2Ti 4:8 ). Rev 2:10, "crown of life." 1Pe 5:4, "a crown of glory that fadeth not away." Commentary by A. R. FAUSSET

As I shared in my previous post, we may very well see some of the crazy effects of Planet X orbiting near the Earth shortly before the ex-anastasis or out-resurrection! This is an opportunity not for fear, dear Brothers and Sisters, but to live the exuberant attitude of Paul, the Apostle of Grace, who kept before him the goal of Heaven and of casting crowns at our King's feet!

Friday, November 8, 2019

For yet seven days...

As I have of late been contemplating and praying regarding The Wave of Glory that is to come upon God’s Overcomers, I see a possible foreshadowing of it in the days of Noah.

Daniel Matson’s work played a big part in spurring me on in this endeavor:

The first day mentioned and numbered in the Bible is Heshvan 10 (then the 10th day of the second month) when Noah entered into the Ark a week before the Flood. Heshvan 10 coincides with November 8th this year. . .

. . . The most determining statement is Jesus referring to Noah and his sealing into the Ark on Heshvan 10. We too will be sealed into our rooms while judgment then occurs on Earth.

By focusing on Heshvan 10 as the day, it would mean the “fall” feasts are fulfilled in rapid sequence at the Second Coming at the end of the seven years.   watchfortheday/Until Noah Entered the Ark
Daniel Matson postulates a November 8 rapture comparing Noah being sealed into the ark with the Bride of Christ being sealed into Her chambers to be kept safe from the flood of God’s wrath. But wait--remember Noah entered into the ark a week BEFORE The Flood.

Noah’s Numbers

The days of Noah are an illustration of the world as The Age of Grace comes to a conclusion. The apparent grace period of 7 and the repeat of the number 40 reminds me of the prophetic word that God will cause His Overcoming Man Child to be changed from “glory to glory” and minister during the darkest days on Earth in order to bring in the Last Great Harvest.

As a number the actual word and number "SEVEN" is used as no other number is. . . In the Hebrew, seven is (shevah). It is from the root (savah), to be full or satisfied, have enough of. . .  It is seven, therefore, that stamps with perfection and completeness that in connection with which it is used. Number in Scripture

Taking into account that the number 7 represents “to be full or satisfied; perfection and completeness”, could it be that our most merciful God will not be satisfied nor consider The Age of Grace perfectly complete until He sends His Overcomers one last time into the field to garner in as many as are willing?

The eight were sealed after entering the ark. Daniel Matson and many other brethren have compared this to the Bride of Christ being sealed in Her chamber before wrath falls; BUT is this the case? We as Spirit-filled saints are already sealed and have entered the Ark of Salvation when we made Jesus Christ our Lord. Could Noah and his family ascending above the surface of the earth in the ark upon Flood waters after the grace period ended then foreshadow our ascent “to meet Him in the air”?

For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth. - Genesis 7:4 KJV

The following commentary appears to support my suggestion that the 7 days before The Flood waters began represent a period of grace for the world to repent:

4. For yet seven days--A week for a world to repent! What a solemn pause! Did they laugh and ridicule his folly still? He whose eyes saw and whose heart felt the full amount of human iniquity and perverseness has told us of their reckless disregard ( Luk 17:27 ). Jamieson Commentary
This seven day period was indeed the darkest, blackest and strangest that our world has ever known up to this point in history. The moment the seven days ended, the Flood waters were upon the Earth. . . Bridging the Gap: The 7Th Day Who Was Early Man. . .

The numbers “40” and “7” are seen throughout the account of Noe/Noah. If you are curious to learn more about it, I suggest reading blb/Don Stewart and also checking out this Timeline of Flood Duration Chart.

It is very noteworthy that The Flood began on the “seventeenth day of the second month for the number 17 symbolizes the victory we have over death at the Resurrection/Rapture! Then “the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights”. Note that Noah and his family began their ascent, therefore, on the 17th day--NOT on the 10th of Heshvan, but the 17th!

11 In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. Genesis 7:11 KJV

So again I ask, could the week Noah was sealed in the ark symbolize a solemn pause (as the Jamieson Commentary suggests) or a “period of great grace before the end of The Age of Grace”? Subsequently then does the 17th of Heshvan represent the Rapture--or am I reading too much into all this?

The Bridge of Elijah

THEN more recently Daniel Matson posted Elijah Coming and the Pleiades at 77. This really caught my attention because lately I have been drawn to consider Malachi 4:5:

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: - Malachi 4:5 KJV

Daniel Matson speculates on the arrival of Elijah relative to the upcoming Passover. I am seeing, however, prophetic words coming out related to the coming of the spirit of Elijah--a spiritual manifestation before the physical one, if you will. Perhaps this is the type of anointing that will come upon Christ’s Overcomers when we are changed from “glory to glory”.

In a video blog Paul Keith Davis of White Dove Ministries shared a dream that he received concerning the coming age and the unique release of God’s Spirit that functions as a bridge leading from the old season into the new. He believes that bridge is a spiritual outpouring God will send like that of Elijah but after the order of Elisha.

John the Baptist had the anointing of the prophet Elijah (Matthew 17:10-13) and so it could be said that the prophecy of Malachi 4:5 has already been fulfilled. However, just as John was the forerunner to the Messiah, couldn’t God send that anointing once again as a forerunner?

Paul Keith did another video, Elisha's Emerging: God's Antidote, where he shares what this will look like--“we will be catapulted into another dimension”.

My Speculative Conclusion

Er, rather, here are my speculative conclusive questions😊 To review, here is an excerpt that gives a synopsis of certain events shown to God’s people:

On the Before Nibiru Comes page of the Call of the Bride blog, Hope shares how Israel and the time of “Peace and Safety” and the 3 Days of Darkness are keys to the order of events leading to the Rapture. The order, in summary, is that in a time of ‘peace and safety’ there will be huge explosions of bombs either coming from or going into Israel followed by a cosmic event involving Nibiru that triggers an earthquake and three days of darkness. The Rapture will then occur 40 days after the three days of darkness. [Erasing the Line in the Sand for a September Rapture excerpt]

I am wondering if we are not only in “the days of Noah” now, but also in the time of “Peace of Safety” and that Lisa’s vision of “huge explosions of bombs” is related to the fulfillment of Isaiah 17? If so, many of the Brethren are expecting the Rapture to occur then, but could it be at that time we see a Grand Domino Event of Nibiru causing darkness over the earth, The Wave of Glory being poured out to lasso the lingering lost, followed by a great earthquake (or asteroid) causing a physical tsunami at which time the Man Child will be birthed into Heaven?

11/10/2019 Update:

Hope of The Call of the Bride recently posted a prophetic word through Henry Falcone: November-December Transition: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

[excerpt from]

I saw confirmation in Henry Falcone’s emphasis on the “end of 2019”, “transition”, and the “bridge”--all of which I have been writing about lately! There has been much confirmation that "2019 is going to go out with a BANG"! And, I believe, it is God’s desire that His people go out with a BANG as well! I will continue to seek the Lord as to what this will look like and I hope you will too.

Our Brother Paul Dawson recently posted at his Youtube Channel REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM his discovery of Venus rising up from the ecliptic over the course of 500 years to meet the Seven Stars (Pleiades) that represent the 7 Churches. This auspicious meeting between Jesus as the “Bright and Morning Star” and the Seven Churches is to occur at the time of the Triumphal Entry next year (April 5, 2020). This means to me we do not have long to wait! My hope is that it is not a sign in the heavens that occurs before the event but am hoping that it marks the actual day He whisks us away for we are not in darkness that that day should overtake us as a thief!

Like the ancient magi who scoured the heavens nightly, kept meticulous records, and clearly understood that the arrival of the King of the Jews had come. . .here we are in these last of the last days looking at the same sky and confidently expecting the King's return in our own generation. [excerpt from Jeff’s article at Unsealed, Church Of The Firstborn (Part II)].

Friday, October 18, 2019

5780--The Year of the Mouth and Birthing

Enoch 49:1-3

In those days the saints and the chosen shall undergo a change. The light of day shall rest upon them; and the splendor and glory of the saints shall be changed.  In the day of trouble evil shall be heaped up upon sinners; but the righteous shall triumph in the name of the Lord of spirits.  Others shall be made to see, that they must repent, and forsake the works of their hands; and that glory awaits them in the presence of the Lord of spirits; yet that by His name they may be saved. The Lord will have compassion on them; for great is His mercy; and righteousness is in His judgment, and in the presence of His glory; nor in His judgment shall iniquity stand. He who repents not before Him shall perish.

5780—The Year of the Mouth

Like many of my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ I was expecting the Rapture to be the next big move of God. Recently, however, God has revealed to me by His Spirit that He will have a great triumph before the end of the Church Age—a Grand Finale where God will show Himself to be The Most High God! Therefore, I am looking forward into the Hebrew year 5780 which recently began with the blowing of trumpets at Rosh Hashanah.

The year 5780 is symbolized by the Hebrew character ‘pey’ which has the numerical value of 80.

Pey means “mouth” and by extension “word”, “expression”, “vocalization”, “speech” and “breath”.

God’s voice is described sounding as a trumpet (Exodus 19:19; 20:18). Almighty God has something to say in this year of 5780 and He will say it through willing vessels who call Jesus Christ their Lord!

As we humble ourselves before Him and say, “Yes, I will,” I believe He will do a work in us. I’m not sure how that will look, but I believe He will either send people to where we are or send us to them. And by send us I mean He might choose to supernaturally translate us (similar to Philip in Acts 8:26-40) in order that we might pull the unsaved out of the fire and bring in the last harvest. 

Both my husband Tom and I (and others we have talked with) have recently been experiencing powerful dreams where we are witnessing to small or large groups of people. I have only had two such dreams, of which only one I remember distinctly. In my dream I was in what looked like a park for there were evergreen trees and picnic tables and I was witnessing to two young people—one was a young teen and the other older, maybe 19 or 20. It is difficult to describe the intensity of how I spoke. It was with conviction and urgency. My words went out like a trumpet call! But the young people walked away not wanting to receive what I had to say at that time. But the Word does not go out void!

Tom has been having this type of dream weekly! He believes that the Spirit of God might have actually transported him so that he could speak Life into specific groups of people!

From Transition to Facing the Dragon

At the beginning of this year I shared my Dance Card dream. The dream was simply of a pretty dance card hanging from a thin clothesline or string. I couldn’t read what it said but just “knew” it was for an event to be held on April 17.

After posting this article on January 28, a Brother in the Lord told me (by leaving a Comment) about Ty Green’s video The Holy Bible, The Rapture and the number 17, which shows the correlation of the number 17 with the Rapture. . . [Get Your Dance Card Ready! excerpt]

The letter Pey is the 17th letter of the Aleph-Bet, having the numeric value of 80. Could this be hinting that we are finally in the year of the Rapture?

Those who are aware that we are in the Season of the Messiah’s Return, know that the Rapture of the Overcoming Church is compared to the birth of a man child as prophesied in Revelation Chapter 12:

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and [to] his throne. - Revelation 12:5 KJV

(For more on who is the “man child” read A Study of the Man Child and Unsealed’s article Major Discovery Concerning Revelation 12.)

It is apparent to me that since the year 5779 represented "a woman who is pregnant with child" we may see the completion of that pregnancy in 5780!

I have shared that I believe the Man Child is in the “transition phase” of his birth. During transition the cervix dilates quickly and could be compared to a mouth opening to allow the baby’s head to be born first. 

In the vagina, the cervix looks like a smooth fleshy O, about an inch or 2.5cm in diameter, with a hole in the middle — similar to puckered lips. [excerpt from]

As the Overcoming Man Child, we are now enduring a time of transitional squeezing or pressure as we enter a time of great darkness. Next will come our journey towards the portal—

. . . and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. Revelation 12:4 KJV

Because Satan knows his time is short (Revelation 12:12), he will first attempt to take us out! As in birth the head is born first, this gives us the picture we will come face to face with the Dragon just before our loving Lord snatches us up to the Throne Room.

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up [harpazo] unto God, and [to] his throne. Revelation 12:5 KJV

Facing the Great Red Dragon

Exactly what ‘facing the Dragon’ will look like, I am not certain. However, just today I was led to watch a Prophetic Word through Maurice Sklar wherein he shares many encouraging things he believes the Lord showed him while in intercession for America. He said that Our Exodus parallels Moses and the children of Israel’s Exodus. 

We have witnessed the replaying of most of the plagues that befell Egypt in Moses’ day, so I am wondering—could the 3 days of darkness that have been prophesied represent our coming face to face with the Dragon? It is speculated that Planet X/Nibiru will cause this great darkness that is coming to Earth. Nibiru, with its seven orbiting planets, could represent the “great red dragon” of Revelation 12:3-4 with its “seven heads” and “seven crowns”:

Historians have attributed the Flood of Noah’s day to the crossing of a dwarf star that today is mostly referred to as Planet X or Nibiru; and ancient texts confirm that indeed this Destroyer has come before to terrorize the inhabitants of Earth. . .

…The Greeks called it…”Nemesis”…To the ancient Chinese it was known as “Gung-gung”, “the Great Black” or “Red Dragon”. [Excerpt from The Ark of Escape]

We are in the Days of Noah now, so it is possible we will once again see this Great Red Dragon come close to Earth.

It is my belief that the Revelation Chapter 2 and 3 overcomers are represented by the man child that is caught up to God BEFORE the Dragon devours him. So if the Nibiru system with its fiery red dwarf star and seven planets orbiting it is the Great Red Dragon of Revelation 12, we need not fear:

Jesus Himself describes who the overcoming ones are in the seven letters to the churches in the Book of Revelation’s first three chapters. While studying this, I saw the direct correlation between the overcomers and the man child of Revelation 12:5. [Excerpt from The Ark of Escape]

With Nibiru’s arrival could also come a rise in demonic activity never before witnessed since Noah’s day.

Am I saying we should run and hide in our homes prepared with candles and canned food? NO! Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world!

Zadok Preparation

We may be guided to do some type of physical preparation; however, what is key is Zadok preparation!

The Zadok company of Ezekiel 44 were given great understanding of ‘the holy and profane’. They received this understanding because they ministered to God. Because they were Old Testatment priests, they physically ministered in the secret place; but as New Testament kings and priests, our ministry comes through the Spirit of God within us! THAT is our preparation!

I believe that is what God meant when He moved on me to prophesy over and over again to each little congregation I have met with over the past 20 years—

Epiphany re. Fall 2019

Just a few days ago I realized that this time of the Overcomers changing from glory to glory may be coming to pass very soon! This belief came from what some of the Brethren are sharing and from my re-reading the Great Wave dream the Lord gave me back in 2014:

June 20, 2014--Last night I had a second dream of a great wave. In this dream I was at home meeting with a couple of workmen who were hired to paint and prepare the new home (new to us) we had recently purchased. Although I was at home in the dream, the house did not look like the one we currently live in.

As we walked and talked, a huge wave came over us. We were a bit surprised but not panicked and simply held our breath as it passed over us. Another wave, slightly bigger, was right behind it, so I shouted, "Hold your breath! There's another..." and whoosh it came before I could finish what I was saying.

In 2014 my husband Tom and I had no plans on moving, but in 2019 that changed for we bought a home we are remodeling. The house is currently in the process of being painted both inside and out!

Of course, I do not know for certain if that dream means we are in the time of a catastrophe coming to the East Coast or not. But I want to put out an alert for the end of October or beginning of November that America could possibly begin to fall.

Because of the unsurpassed patience of our God in waiting for the harvest of end time souls, this is why the Rapture has not yet occurred. I believe the Spirit of God will cause His people to rise above this Great Storm that is coming whether it comes this autumn or whenever it comes!

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. - Revelation 18:23 KJV

America to begin to fall in the Fall?

Jaco Prinsloo of God’s Roadmap to the End Youtube Channel has shared his belief that the Illuminati are signaling for the destruction of Mecca on November 2 (see his video Brexit Predicted 25 Years in Advance - Down to the Day). Instead of the Middle Eastern Mecca; however, could they be signaling the demise of a city known as the marketplace mecca—New York City? 

Many, many Brethren have been shown NYC’s destruction by both fire AND water. It has been revealed to me and others that since the United States must be destroyed for the New World Order to arise, they will use fallen angel technology to bring down our beloved nation.
Perhaps the Overcomers will witness the beginning of this Marketplace Mecca’s end, but when things go nuclear—we’re outta here; for "when the missiles come down, we go up!"

We see that everything is aligned for the Ezekiel 38 war and many watchmen believe that the next prophecy to be fulfilled is Isaiah 17:1—the fall of Damascus. This may be true; however, in my spirit I believe the fall of America will be closely linked with Damascus’ demise.

Why? Because no one comes to Israel’s aid when she is attacked by Gog and Magog in the Ezekiel 38 war!

. . . We are not exactly sure when this attack/invasion will take place ... but, from current news headlines, it looks as though it is now getting very close. . .

It is notable that Syria (or its ancient name Aram) is not listed among the Russia-Iran allies. It may be the prophecy concerning the destruction of Damascus will be fulfilled just prior to this invasion.

In Ezekiel 39 the Bible goes on to warn the invading armies will be utterly destroyed ... by GOD! 

. . . The United States will be "neutralized" sometime before this attack and will be unwilling or unable to help defend Israel, for the Bible warns Israel must stand alone ... with God!

More importantly, many good Bible prophecy scholars believe the strange prophetic event called "The Rapture" must take place sometime before God intervenes in this coming battle ...

May God be glorified through Christ in us as we OCCUPY til we fly!


While reading Comments related to this article (which was also posted at Rev12Daily Blogspot), ShelleyB shared some information from The Big Wobble that got me digging:

A mag 6.5, reduced by USGS to a mag 6.3 near the North Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean is the 3rd major quake of a very quiet October, which brings the 2019 total to 112, see USGS map below. The earthquake did not generate a tsunami.

We can expect more major seismic activity in the coming days as a massive coronal hole is spewing huge amounts of solar wind toward the Earth's magnetosphere from our sun causing geomatic storms which are known to cause seismic and volcanic activity.

This hole (properly called a "coronal hole") is an old friend. It has been spinning around with the sun for more than 4 months, strobing Earth with solar wind at approximately 26-day intervals.
The first thing to pop up related to childbirth and intervals of 26 was information on prodomal labor:
Typically, the prodromal phase can last anywhere from 24-72 hours, although in some cases it can come and go. [From:]
Prodromal labor is labor that starts and stops before fully active labor begins. It's often called “false labor,” but this is a poor description. ... Prodromal labor is really common and can start days, weeks, or even a month or more before active labor begins. . .

Prodromal labor is often mistaken for Braxton-Hicks contractions, but they’re not the same thing. The majority of pregnant women will experience this type of contraction at some stage during their pregnancy. Braxton-Hicks are essentially practice contractions. They’re your body’s way of preparing for labor.

Braxton-Hicks contractions can cause a very tight, uncomfortable sensation, but they’re not typically regular or intense. They rarely last a long time or grow in intensity. Prodromal labor can follow a very regular pattern. The contractions can vary and grow in intensity.

It’s sometimes possible to ease Braxton-Hicks contractions by drinking water, eating, or relaxing. These activities won’t help ease prodromal labor contractions. Your cervix can also slowly dilate or efface during prodromal labor. This doesn’t usually happen with Braxton-Hicks contractions. [Excerpt from:]

To conclude, YES, SHELLEYB! Looks like we are seeing HEAVENLY SIGNS related to PRODOMAL LABOR where the cervix "can also slowly dilate or efface"; in other words, BEGIN OPENING!! A sign that we will soon ASCEND and meet Him in the air! (1 Thessalonians 4:17)

From my above blog article:
"I have shared that I believe the Man Child is in the “transition phase” of his birth. During transition the cervix dilates quickly and could be compared to a mouth opening to allow the baby’s head to be born first."

11/17/19 Note: This article originally had a link to a previous article titled, "The Day of Separation". I have deleted this article because it contained links to sources I do not believe are trustworthy. My apologies if this has caused any confusion--this is why I have a "CAVEAT" in my right margin for "we see through a glass darkly".