Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Horror of Darkness and The Everlasting Covenant

It’s official. The United States is responsible for “touching the apple of God’s eye”--Jerusalem.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday proposed creation of a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem, dependent on Palestinians taking steps to become self-governing, in an attempt to achieve a peace breakthrough in their decades of conflict with Israel. reuters.com

Horror of Darkness

Last week I was led to read the account of God making His everlasting covenant with Abram. Then I came to Genesis 15:12--

And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him. - Genesis 15:12 KJV

Immediately, it came into my spirit that just as a horrifying great darkness fell prior to God making His everlasting covenant with Abram, a horrifying great darkness will fall again when that same covenant is broken.

Some may point out that God’s land covenant with Abraham had already been broken which is, of course, true. And America has seen the repercussions for being instrumental in those divisions of Israel’s land. Before today, however, Jerusalem or “the apple of God’s eye” had not yet been touched.

Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest [with] the daughter of Babylon. For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye. - Zechariah 27-:8 KJV

. . . The United States has led the way in the New World Order plan to divide Israel. In the Why is America Suffering? post I quoted J. D. Farag who explained that the United States has suffered severe weather due to its efforts to divide Israel by way of giving up land for peace. Then I shared the warning from John Fenn  that 2 hurricanes would be followed by 3 earthquakes. Even earlier than these articles, I have posted what the Spirit of the Lord has shown me of a coming great shaking and that well-known men of God have prophesied the U.S. will suffer its land being divided by an earthquake if it is instrumental in dividing Jerusalem. . . Hair Raising Significant Week

If the United States suffered severely in the past for its part in dividing Israel, what will happen now that the Peace Plan has been released?

What About the Rapture?

I Thessalonians 5:3 warns the world that “. . . when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

It had been my great hope that this verse meant that when Trump finally announced this Peace Plan, we would see immediate destruction hit the earth and the Lord Jesus would snatch us out of harm’s way just in the nick of time!

And this still may be the case!

However. . .

If I, along with a surprising number of other brethren, have been hearing from the Spirit of the Lord and understanding Him correctly then the “sudden destruction” may not be immediate. The definition of “sudden” is “occurring or done quickly and unexpectedly or without warning”; but that doesn’t mean it has to be immediate.

I do believe, however, that we will see almost immediate repercussions here in America for Trump’s announcement that will lead to a much-needed awakening! Exactly what that will look like, I am not certain. I can only point you to what God has shown His people.

Vision of the Courtroom of Heaven

Maurice Sklar, a modern-day psalmist who ushers in the presence of the Lord as he worships on the violin, has also received some profound prophetic insight as seen in the 21 Events That Will Happen Very Soon he shared in 2014.

Then only days ago, Maurice posted a vivid vision at his site:

. . . Finally, the Father, the Great Judge of all the earth, spoke. He said:
“On the basis of the evidence presented by the Defense, I decree that the prosecution has failed to bring a closing to the final days of Grace on earth. An extension of time has been granted to the saints of the overcoming Bridal remnant Church.

“Nevertheless, the birthing pains and judgments on the earth will not be stopped. Ha-satan has the authority to rule over the tares of the earth-the wicked in darkness, by their willing consent according to the tenets of free will given to Adam’s race at the beginning of creation. Both the tares and the wheat have grown up and are now ready to be harvested. Therefore, the birth pangs of judgment shall increase. Those that will abide with Me in the secret place, I will provide for and protect. Those that do not are in more and more peril with each passing day. Though I have granted this, the final Day of the LORD has indeed come, and the prosecution is correct. The time of Grace upon the earth is nearly over. Warn my children: This is the midnight hour! Watch and Pray that you can stand in the evil day and overcome! I am answering the prayers of My Kingdom coming to earth. It shall come first in the fire of My Holy judgments! But is shall also come in the Great Awakening that I have promised of revival and outpouring. The Time of My Wrath is soon to engulf the earth! . . .

Then the Angel, Lady Justice, came forward and was blindfolded. She raised a large, old fashioned scale in her hands above her head. Into one of the bowls a presiding angel poured a black sand-like powder from a brass urn. . . But, the angel kept pouring, and suddenly the Holy justice scale began to balance out. Then it was even. As we all watched, the scale suddenly shifted. The white bowl went down and the black bowl came up! Then there were mighty shouts of Praise and Victory in the Courtroom!

Then, the Father raised His golden scepter in His left hand, and slammed his Gavel down accompanied by thunderclaps and lightning flashing everywhere with bursts of rainbow colors shooting through the courtroom, and said, “The time of Grace shall be extended as petitioned by the Bride of Messiah for a little longer. ________ more (length of time) has been granted to finish the final harvest in the age of Grace.”

(Note: I have condensed what was spoken in the trial into this brief summary. I am forbidden to share any more…though much more was spoken. . .) [Excerpts from A Vision of the Courtroom of Heaven]

Beloved Brethren, I am anxious to get off this planet and be with My Bridegroom and Lord, but what if all these prophecies of a great end time revival before the Rapture are true?

As I wrote above, I believe we will see Genesis in reverse.

Revelation: Genesis in Reverse

At the same time the thought of a horrifying darkness would come at the breaking of the Abrahamic Covenant, the Holy Spirit also reminded me of a teaching Perry Stone did years ago on how the Book of Revelation is Genesis in reverse.

In the video The Prophetic Code of Noah and Lot Perry Stone explains how the last days compare to the days of Noah and Lot (Luke 17:26-30) and shows how in the Book of Genesis if you go in reverse it gives you the order of end time events!

The list in part is:

Genesis 7—Great Upheavals in Nature—Last day cosmic activity

Genesis 6—Signs of the days of Noah—Violence, evil imaginations, corruption (the Hebrew word for ‘violence’ is hamas!)

Genesis 5—Translation of Enoch—a picture of the Rapture of the Church!

Genesis 4—Cain—a picture of the Antichrist (Cain’s mark parallels mark of the Beast; Cain punished 7 times parallels 7-year Tribulation)

We see the assurance of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture in this pattern; however, God has warned through prophetic voices that certain judgments will occur prior to our great escape. Jesus promises that those who overcome will escape “the hour of temptation” which is to come upon the whole world (Revelation 3:10), however, this coming darkness may not be God’s wrath, but a resulting judgment. "Judgment does not always equal "wrath"!

I am led to insert here that I do NOT agree with everything being said associated with the much promulgated “three days of darkness” prophecy. For my limited insight on this, please read these related articles.

It is said this coming time of darkness is due to an incoming planetary system--most likely the same system that caused the flood of Noah's day!

On the Before Nibiru Comes page of the Call of the Bride blog, Hope shares how Israel and the time of “Peace and Safety” and the 3 Days of Darkness are keys to the order of events leading to the Rapture. The order, in summary, is that in a time of ‘peace and safety’ there will be huge explosions of bombs either coming from or going into Israel followed by a cosmic event involving Nibiru that triggers an earthquake and three days of darkness. The Rapture will then occur 40 days after the three days of darkness.

Both Call of the Bride and Rivkah Ministries were shown a terrible earthquake along with days of darkness. [Erasing the Line in the Sand . . . excerpt]


If this order is correct, next is a COSMIC EVENT! --A judgment so great it will shaken and awaken those who are spiritually slumbering.

A Great Earthquake

In the video The final days. 2020 is the year of all things. How to prepare. 12-29-2019 John Paul Jackson’s prophetic vision of headlines for the year 2020 are shared. At about the 4-minute mark, the Mississippi River headline and the prophecies that if America divides Israel, God will divide America are referenced. Other well-known men of God were also shown this such as John Kilpatrick who was given a terrifying New Madrid earthquake dream.

Time of Darkness

As The Call of the Bride reported, a looming planetary system will cause a great earthquake and darkness:  

It is interesting that Breaking Israel News in its article Incredible Evidence Proves Ten Plagues Happening Today mentions the darkness to be caused by the incoming planet Nibiru. [Rapture Tapestry Reveals April 2020 excerpt]

Facing the Great Red Dragon

Exactly what ‘facing the Dragon’ will look like, I am not certain. However, just today I was led to watch a Prophetic Word through Maurice Sklar wherein he shares many encouraging things he believes the Lord showed him while in intercession for America. He said that Our Exodus parallels Moses and the children of Israel’s Exodus.

We have witnessed the replaying of most of the plagues that befell Egypt in Moses’ day, so I am wondering—could the 3 days of darkness that have been prophesied represent our coming face to face with the Dragon? It is speculated that Planet X/Nibiru will cause this great darkness that is coming to Earth. Nibiru, with its seven orbiting planets, could represent the “great red dragon” of Revelation 12:3-4 with its “seven heads” and “seven crowns”. . . [excerpt from 5780 Year of the Mouth and Birthing]
April 2020 Rapture?

I find it more than interesting that warnings are going out for catastrophic events (great earthquakes and darkness) related to an incoming planetary system to occur no later than May 2020 since that will be the month Israel will be celebrating her 72nd Anniversary.

At the beginning of 2019, I wrote that

. . . May 14, 2019 . . . the end of Israel’s 70th year as a nation would pinpoint THE END OF THE AGE OF GRACE and THE BEGINNING OF JACOB’S TROUBLE. 2019 End of the Trail

I wrote this based on this verse:

For thus saith the LORD, That after [peh] seventy years be accomplished at Babylon I will visit you, and perform my good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place. - Jeremiah 29:10 KJV

The Hebrew word peh or pey (H6310 in the Strong’s Concordance) is mainly translated as “mouth”. A jolt went through me when I discovered that pey was in this verse because--

“The year 5780 is symbolized by the Hebrew character ‘pey’[!]”

Could this verse be foretelling that Israel will be in full complicity with the Babylon system after her 70th Anniversary and that it will occur in the year 5780 resulting in Jacob’s Trouble??? (Related article: Rapture Tapestry Reveals April 2020)

Do Not Be Dismayed!

Because of God’s judgments the Dragon, Satan, will be allowed to cause chaos. But before you become dismayed about all this (as I was when I began to put this all together), the Spirit of the Lord has been revealing to His people a magnificent ending!

He has shown that His glory will flow through them like never before! [Erasing the Line in the Sand . . . excerpt]

Whether there are judgments coming especially to America or not, there is no doubt, Brethren, that we have come to that section of prophetic highway where the signs are only feet apart and the Great Exit ramp will suddenly appear! For the greatest judgment on America will be the Rapture of the Overcoming Church!! 

Let those of us who love His appearing join in a great big--

  2/3/2020 UPDATE

J. D. Farag in his Bible Prophecy Update – February 2nd, 2020 gives an excellent synopsis of the Deal of the Century and (at the 32 minute mark) poses the question--“Is this the fulfillment of Zechariah 12:1-3?”  

The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him. Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah [and] against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. - Zechariah 12:1-3 KJV

J. D. then gives us ample evidence that this so-called peace deal could indeed be the impetus for the fulfillment of that prophecy.


Hope said...

A few years ago I did a video (can’t recall the title) pointing to that exact darkness that Abram had when he went into a trance...and that God will do the same thing during the coming 3 DOD. It’s His darkness and the Bible speaks of how He rides in darkness. Strange I know but there are verses.

Also 90 minutes after Trump unveiled the peace treaty today, there was a 7.7 EQ in the Caribbean which was felt as far away as Mar-a-largo, Trump’s golf club.

Lyn Melvin said...

Thanks for that confirmation, Hope!
If anyone is interested in learning more about God riding in darkness, go to Apologetics Press. Here's an excerpt from their article on this subject:

As H.C. Leupold commented:

The picture is that of a violent storm—a figure so frequently used in the Scriptures to furnish the accompaniment of God’s approach, He Himself being as it were housed in the storm. From the time of Sinai onward these figures become standard (cf. Exod. 19:16-18; Judg. 5:4,5; Ps. 68:7;77:16-18; Is. 29:6; 30:27ff.; etc.). As the storm sweeps near, He is in it. The thick storm clouds are the material upon which He rides (1959, pp. 166-167).