Friday, September 20, 2019

Erasing the Line in the Sand for a September Rapture

Final Approach

This strange season we are in now—the intense watching season—is something no other generation of believers has experienced. Most of those who read my blog know it is the Season of His Return! We know by the witness of the Holy Spirit that we are about to come face-to-face with The Tribulation, Daniel’s 70th Week, and be rescued from its jaws just in the nick of time! Todd of IT IS FINISHED YTC just put out a video that does an excellent job of describing the emotions many of us who are watching are feeling. In it Todd shares his prayers:

“I’ve asked, ‘Are we at the end? What are we facing? Father, in Jesus’ name please tell me. Amen.”

“The other day, I received, ‘Final approach’—two words—upon waking.”

final approach (also called final leg and final approach leg[1]) is the last leg in an aircraft's approach to landing, when the aircraft is lined up with the runway and descending for landing.[2] In aviation radio terminology, it is often shortened to "final".

Todd admits he doesn’t know just how long this final leg will be. Nor, of course, do I know with certainty. But what if I were to tell you that God has a Plan—a Plan that would wake up our spiritually sleeping loved ones? What if The Plan meant you and I would have to erase the line we have drawn in the sand for a September 2019 Rapture?

There’s always the chance my understanding is not correct, but please hear me out.

Transition Shaking

Slowly but surely I am getting a better picture of what it will be like for the Overcoming Man Child as He traverses the darkness surrounding Him and squeezes through the Narrow Way before being born into Eternal Light. We have seen signs and prophetic events related to the birthing of “twins”—the first birth being that of the Revelation 12 Man Child (also foreshadowed in Isaiah 66:7 and Zephaniah 2:1-3) and the second birth being when those who come to believe on Messiah Jesus will be welcomed into the Millennial Kingdom.

What must it be like for the unborn as his mother trembles with the throes of the birth process?

Those in the medical field generally agree that birth is not painful for the infant, but it is likely he will feel the squeeze as he passes through the birth canal. It will be dark and probably disconcerting for along with the pressure of contractions will be great shaking as his mother succumbs to the stage of transition.

To those who identify themselves with the Overcoming Man 
Child whose birth and subsequent harpazo to the throne of God is described in Revelation 12:1-5, I have written that:

I believe the Lord is showing us we are going to have to experience SHAKING in our birth process. . . When this shaking occurs, there will be a spiritual backlash against the enemy’s efforts and a move of God like we’ve never seen before will occur.

. . . When this time of shaking comes, it is not the Seals of Revelation being opened; it is the spiritual world entering TRANSITION. The dropping of HIS shoe

Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.
And this [word], Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. - Hebrews 12:26-27 KJV

(For more on who is the “man child”, read A Study of the Man Child and Unsealed’s article Major Discovery Concerning Revelation 12.)


But in the midst of this dark tenuous time the Spirit of God will cause us to “Arise and shine!” as the Mighty Glory of YHWH manifests through us! It is the time of Isaiah 60:

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.
For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. - Isaiah 60:1-2 KJV

As Matthew Henry wrote in his commentary: “Darkness shall cover the earth; but, though it be gross darkness, darkness that might be felt, like that of Egypt, that shall overspread the people, yet the church, like Goshen, shall have light at the same time.” blb/Henry Commentary


2012 is probably when I received the first inkling of what God has in store for His Overcoming Church during these last days. This is what He said:

The days of this Earth as you have known it will pass away and a great wave of My glory will wash over the world. Just as in the days of Noah, My wave will engulf the world and there will be those who will enter the ark of Jesus Christ and be saved and those who will choose not to enter and will perish.


Then I was led a year later to post a second article titled The Coming Wave of Glory II.

In it I posted a prophetic word by Garris Elkins. Here’s an excerpt:
Recently in worship the Lord revealed an image to me. The image was of a person standing on a beach looking out to sea. There was a sense of longing on his face. The scene changed where I could now look out through his eyes at the developing image.
Before me was the sloping sand of a shoreline that extended down to the ocean's edge. In the distant horizon I saw an approaching series of waves making their way toward the shore. . .

. . . As I looked across the beach toward the shore, I saw lines that had been drawn in the sand. These lines looked like marks made by a stick, something many of us do when we visit a beach. As I pondered the image, I realized the lines were judgments made because of disappointments, assumptions, fear and unbelief. . .

. . . As I looked out onto the ocean I saw the last wave in the set. This wave was huge and I knew immediately it represented a powerful move of God that was approaching our shores.

When I re-read Brother Garris’ account, it struck me when he mentioned “the lines drawn in the sand” for I immediately recalled what I and others had shared regarding the September 2019 "line in the sand" for the Rapture.

In 2014 I received two dreams about tsunamis:


June 20, 2014--Last night I had a second dream of a great wave. In this dream I was at home meeting with a couple of workmen who were hired to paint and prepare the new home (new to us) we had recently purchased. Although I was at home in the dream, the house did not look like the one we currently live in.

As we walked and talked, a huge wave came over us. We were a bit surprised but not panicked and simply held our breath as it passed over us. Another wave, slightly bigger, was right behind it, so I shouted, "Hold your breath! There's another..." and whoosh it came before I could finish what I was saying.

I forgot to record my first 'wave' dream but will record it now. In that dream I was walking to some friends' house along the beach to tell them or warn them about something. As I plunged up the sand dune, from my left I saw a huge wave coming straight for us! I did not make it to the house and ended up being engulfed by the wave but not drowning.  [Above taken from: The Sea Roaring]


In 2016 I blogged this:

Only recently am I putting two and two together and realizing that the Lord could have been showing me physical tsunamis that are to hit America. Of course, this is not the whole world getting hit by a tsunami; but because of America's standing as a world leader, it will affect the entire world when these happen. [Also from The Sea Roaring]

It is not clear to me whether a physical tsunami will take place at the same time as the Wave of Glory washes over God’s people; but it is, of course, possible.

Judgments Before Wrath

It may well be that whenever this Wave of Glory comes from The Most High God it will erase our “September line in the sand” for the Resurrection/Rapture. It is becoming clearer to me that we will see some catastrophic events due to judgments—decisions God has made to lift His hand of grace—before the coming of His actual WRATH. (For a better understanding of “judgment versus wrath” please read my "New York, Chicago, L.A." article.)

Because of God’s judgments the Dragon, Satan, will be allowed to cause chaos. But before you become dismayed about all this (as I was when I began to put this all together), the Spirit of the Lord has been revealing to His people a magnificent ending!

He has shown that His glory will flow through them like never before! Exactly what this will look like He has not revealed to me. However, folks like Hope at The Call of the Bride Blog refer to this change as a ‘transformation’:

Here are some things I DO believe in - that some of us will be transformed before the Rapture.  There will be three days of total darkness over the entire world and that those transformed, will help reap a Harvest of millions of souls BEFORE the Rapture. I believe another planet/dwarf star will be seen in the sky soon, that is already causing havoc on our planets. I've written about this on other webpages here because I feel this is what God wants us to know.  I created this website because I felt led by God to do so, and use it to "call" in the Bride.  There are people that have dreams and visions and hear God, but know nothing about this soon transformation.  I gently share my thoughts and website with them, and leave it in God's hands.  Some come to believe and understand, some do not.  I do not judge but rather leave it with God. . .

Those familiar with my blog know I too believe in a planet or dwarf star God will use to allow destruction in the end days. Also, I believe there will be a great manifestation of God’s glory through His Beloved Bride of Christ upon the earth during a Great Shaking that will come before the Resurrection/Rapture. Hope may be accurate in calling it a ‘transformation’; however, I prefer to call the change the Overcomer will experience a move ‘from glory to glory’ before we receive our ultimate transformation at the Resurrection/Rapture:

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, [even] as by the Spirit of the Lord. - 2 Corinthians 3:18 KJV

(Actually, Hope recently shared with me in an email that she prefers using the term ‘from glory to glory’ also 😉) The ESV or English Standard Version, however, does use the word ‘transformed’ instead of ‘changed’:

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:18 ESV

The following commentary agrees that the Scripture speaks of moving from one degree of glory to another which is an earnest of the coming bodily change promised in Philippians 3:21, 1 Corinthians 15:52, and other verses:

18. But we all--Christians, as contrasted with the Jews who have a veil on their hearts, answering to Moses' veil on his face. . .
      with open face--Translate, "with unveiled face" (the veil being removed at conversion): contrasted with "hid" ( 2Cr 4:3 ).
      as in a glass--in a mirror, namely, the Gospel which reflects the glory of God and Christ ( 2Cr 4:4 1Cr 13:12 Jam 1:23, 25 ).
      are changed into the same image--namely, the image of Christ's glory, spiritually now ( Rom 8:29 1Jo 3:3 ); an earnest of the bodily change hereafter ( Phl 3:21 ). However many they be, believers all reflect the same image of Christ more or less: a proof of the truth of Christianity.
      from glory to glory--from one degree of glory to another. As Moses' face caught a reflection of God's glory from being in His presence, so believers are changed into His image by beholding Him. blb/Faussett Commentary

A study of the Greek words translated “changed” verifies the difference between the two:

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed [metamorphoō] into the same image from glory to glory, [even] as by the Spirit of the Lord. - 2 Corinthians 3:18 KJV


In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed [allassō]. - 1 Corinthians 15:52 KJV

My understanding (as finite as it is) of this coming Wave of Glory, is that it is just that—His people awash in HIS Glory! The best description I have heard of this season was from Rivkah Ministries.

I am not familiar with Rivkah Ministries, but back in August 2018 they posted a video titled Three Days of Darkness - Again. Beginning around the 16-minute mark of that video a Brother in Christ shares a dream that he has had three times. In the dream he experiences a horrible earthquake then has direct eye contact with Jesus. The man thought the Rapture would take place, but it didn’t happen!  Instead darkness was everywhere and it was the middle of the day!

He goes on to say how groups of people began to come to him and he gave them a Bible study. Finally he realized the people kept coming to him from out of the darkness because he was glowing! That’s when he realized, in his words, “I had been changed into a higher glory”.

I found it noteworthy that he mentioned his dreams began in 2012—the year the Holy Spirit began to reveal The Wave of Glory to me.

3 Days of Darkness

On the Before Nibiru Comes page of the Call of the Bride blog, Hope shares how Israel and the time of “Peace and Safety” and the 3 Days of Darkness are keys to the order of events leading to the Rapture. The order, in summary, is that in a time of ‘peace and safety’ there will be huge explosions of bombs either coming from or going into Israel followed by a cosmic event involving Nibiru that triggers an earthquake and three days of darkness. The Rapture will then occur 40 days after the three days of darkness.

Both Call of the Bride and Rivkah Ministries were shown a terrible earthquake along with days of darkness.

I have shared what puzzle pieces the Lord has shown me including my dream related to 3 Days of Darkness, so this scenario seems plausible (in my dream I was still on earth when the darkness came).

Peace and Safety

In Hope’s blog there’s that time of ‘peace and safety’ highlighted again. Remember this from my previous article?

I had just sat down to seek His face after singing Him a love song and immediately—and I mean immediately—as soon as I shut my eyes, I saw a great army in full armor on horseback seemingly knit together. Darkness surrounded them but great flames radiated from their heads.

“What am I seeing, Lord?” I asked.

My great end times army is about to be unleashed. It is a force to be reckoned with.

Father God read the question in my mind—“When will this army be released?”

It is the time of peace and safety so-called in which they will be released. Fear not; I am with you, dear daughter. I am with My people. As the Daystar dawns great darkness will be upon the earth. Fear not; I am with you.

Manifesting His Supernatural Glory 

Like many of my brethren, I have experienced the rapturous presence of our Lord, felt the brush of angelic wings (not that all angels have wings), and even had fillings in my teeth changed. However, I have not experienced having His glory emanate visibly from me (or anyone else for that matter) as was seen on Moses (Exodus 34:29, 30, 35).

The judgment events coming to America sound frightening, but instead of being afraid, we should be excited! We should be thrilled to be chosen to glorify the true God in the very last hours. Also, those last hours will go so fast! Remember that in childbirth transition leads to the shortest time in the birth process, the actual birth of the baby:
The GREAT REVIVAL period will be brief and then will come THE RAPTURE! The dropping of HIS shoe

As I shared above, Hope of Call of the Bride writes, “The Rapture will then occur 40 days after the three days of darkness.”

Many others have seen this time of Great Harvest before the Rapture. I present to you here just a sampling of what I have heard and read and encourage you to seek the Lord earnestly about ALL these things! If you are like me, you hoped and believed our beautiful Bridegroom would snatch us away before we saw any greater judgments than we’ve already witnessed.
As I have shared above, it has taken me this long to see that this is not His plan. A part of me hopes I am wrong and that I get to be harpazo-ed into His waiting arms right away! But then our God is much more merciful and patient than I am. If what I've shared is His plan and it saves my unredeemed loved ones and your unredeemed loved ones before The Tribulation, then, “I’M IN!” What about you?

9/21/19--While pondering further on this subject, I remembered this section of Scripture where at Jesus’ resurrection many of the deceased saints came out of the graves and went into Jerusalem and appeared to many!!!

Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;
And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,
And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many. Matthew 27:50-53 KJV

If our Resurrected and Living Lord could do it then, why not now with the dead and/or living in Christ?


Hope said...

How exciting!! The Lord also woke me up beginning in 2012 and you know what? I’m wondering if the 7year thing comes into play. Like Joseph having seven good years, before the seven bad years. I know that the time the Mayan calendar ended was 12/21/12, remember that date? I believe the enemy was allowed to start his chaos then but perhaps we’ve had seven “good” years to learn about what’s coming for the Tribulation. Perhaps things escalate in December.

There are others that have seen this “glory to glory” you speak of. God has gently woke people up to this, some even have dreams of their bodies glowing, or they are doing supernatural things but they don’t understand the dream. In His wisdom, He is instructing us in the night as His Word says He does. People desperately want to believe the rapture is next but if they see it from God’s perspective, it is more merciful this way. Lukewarm Christians will not make the rapture and most of the eklesia is indeed lukewarm. People may not think they are lukewarm, I sure didn’t. But after praying that He would draw me closer, He has done exactly that and I feel that I wasted the first 50 years of my life. Preachers in general do not preach on how to have a close relationship with Jesus. In 2013 I quit going to church because I felt I wasn’t being taught everything. It was then that God Himself started up showing me the false things, and teaching me His truths. Since we are so VERY close to the end now, He is waking many more up. We can rest assured that since He knows the end from the beginning, that everything is going perfectly as planned and things will fall into place at their exact appointed time. Praise God for this!

Lyn Melvin said...

Thank you, Hope! Not only for your encouraging Comment, but for all you have sacrificed in continuing your blog ministry♥

Unknown said...

Thank you Hope & Lyn, confirming & comforting & THANK YOU Father for knowing how to get your family home to your Kingdom. v

Carol T. said...

The Lord called me as a Watchman at 16 but began revealing Himself as for you and Hope beginning in 2010. He had me start a blog also and named it. I am a public school teacher with 4 children. On 6/23/11, my youngest child's 5th birthday early in the morning around 3:00 while downstairs on a small couch looking for a breeze in hot California, God's mercy allowed me to experience the transformation. It was so real I thought it was really happening, that I was awake. I became glowing white hot and passed up through the ceiling into the master bedroom where my husband woke up and asked what had happened to me. I said he was extremely favored to be able to watch the process of transformation and then we went up through the ceiling and ended in a most beautiful large building decorated with intricate blue and white mosaics. As I looked around in wonder, he began to be pulled away and I knew he was in trouble spiritually so I shouted, "Say you need Jesus" at his disappearing form and then I woke up. Like you and Hope I puzzled over this for a few years as this was not the rapture from the Left Behind series but God is not a man that He would lie (or mislead even). Now I know that this transformation to glory must happen first. If conception happens on 9/23 then birth would begin on 6/23 so I do watch the fall festivals. This will be the 8th year...

Lyn Melvin said...

Below is a Comment I've copied and pasted because I value this woman's insight:

Sheila B.October 5, 2019 at 10:27 PM
TY Lyn and Blessings...I've read your "Line in the Sand Article" a couple of times over (haven't had a chance to check out any of Hope's material yet, but I did see part of Todd's Final Approach (phenomenal stuff for sure!) Anyway, here's what I'm thinking...we're all (the BoC) being richly blessed with so many things insight-wise that we're naturally trying to piece together and it's been more than enough to keep us on our corporate toes and watching for our Redeemer closely, but it's not so much that the enemy can figure out exactly what's going on either, thus 1Cor.13:9,12. We know the gist of what's coming and that it can begin at anytime with a split second, but none of us that I know of can splice an exact time with an exact event--so far, anyway.

Like you, I think it would be an amazing thing if it serves His Will and Purpose to have some amount of time to present a supernatural testimony to those we love who haven't believed as yet. We know that occurred in Matt.27:52-53, but about all we can know of that is it was the Resurrected Dead (which should've been shocking enough) and that it happened AFTER our Lord's Resurrection, so it wasn't happening in any kind total darkness. How long they walked about is not revealed either and there is no mention of them ascending with Him, so that's anybody's guess. It may also be that since the dead in Christ do rise first and we aren't given a specific time gap between them and those who remain, their Resurrection will be the last chance testimony to be given.

I'm not a proponent of the 3 DoD myself, esp with all of that "get your candles and fear the prowling demons trying to get in" etc. that's been promoted with that idea as I don't find any Scriptural basis for it and 2Cor.6:14, 1Thess.5:4-6 and others just make me feel that once glorified, we'll likely be outta here. I truly would love to suddenly appear in some unbelieving family member or friend's living room glowing like an angel and say "Now will you believe?!" but it may also be that our time as bearers of His light in this dark world is actually coming to an end with the Rapture. So doing what I can now just in case a "twinkling of an eye" is just that:-)

Re Nibiru or the "Planet of the Crossing", I absolutely agree that system is already not only out there, but close enough by to be visible at times and well known by world govts. who are doing everything in their power to mask it. Too many people have seen the sky oddities or what appears to be 2 suns with their naked eyes incl. myself. And lastly, I'm with you on the probability of an earth-shaking transition and maybe even along the lines of an Event Horizon type of thing as has been reported in some D&V's. I could be wrong ofc, but I don't think we are going to be quietly departing this world and they are all going to know something catastrophic has happened that will affect every aspect of their lives, hopefully drawing many to Christ. We'll all know soon enough when that Other Shoe Drops, Sister;-)
Maranatha and Even so, Lord, come!

Lyn Melvin said...

I wanted to write in reply to Sheila's Comment that I am in agreement with what Hope at The Call of the Bride blog has said in regards to the 3 days of darkness and preparation; which is, ASK THE LORD about if you need to do any special preparations or not. I do believe we could face some type of darkness but more than that the Lord has not revealed to me personally. Each person's situation will be different.

Anonymous said...

Hi my sister Lyn, I really like your site and what you write. The Lord is so good !!! I'm sorry for my bad english because I live in Quebec, Canada and I use the translation of Google. I had a dream a few weeks ago and I asked Jesus to tell me what it means, but reading your message and the comments, I think that confirms my dream. Here is the dream: I was outside and I was looking at the clouds that were huge and white. "I do this constantly in reality, because I am waiting fervently for the return of Jesus for the rapture of his Church." In the dream, I saw a cloud bigger than the others, which had a vertical shape, from top to bottom, which walked in the distance. The cloud is different and bigger than others. Suddenly, the cloud advanced in a change of direction and goes straight to me quickly. I did not have time to be afraid, I felt a slight pressure (like when my little dog lies on me) but it has been done without hurting me, and I fell on the ground on the back, and I stayed on the ground until that unknown people came to take this weight off me. They used snow shovels, and it only takes a few seconds. I got up, and immediately I started talking all the time, it was stronger than me, and I announced repentance and salvation and it was so divine that I was surprised but I continued to talk to people who were present. This was really done by the Holy Spirit, I felt it in my dream, and people looked at me without moving or talking but they listened. The words that came out of my mouth, followed one after the other. When I woke up, I hoped it so much in my real life. It's really wonderful how I spoke about the Lord. That was my dream, and I hope it will come true. It's my prayer!
And I woke up during the night, a few weeks ago, hearing a huge trumpet sound and I immediately sat in my bed. My husband did not hear anything, he was sleeping, and he is a believer, so was it a dream? I do not know but I hope it was a foretaste of our blessed hope! Maranatha !!! Carole