Saturday, January 1, 2022

2022--The Year of Tenacity and Awakening

As 2021 came to a close, fatigue entered me as it did many of the watchmen. I had forgotten how difficult the “transition” stage of childbirth is:


True Overcoming Church, we are almost through the transition phase of our birth but remember that it is the most difficult time to endure for with it comes a barrage of intense contractions. You will feel as though you cannot catch your breath! [The Revelation 12 Sign and the Great Divide excerpt]


Lately I have taken a step back to just breathe and rest. Then today as I praised and thanked Him for His faithfulness to me, I heard in my spirit--  


“Tenacious; bulldog.”


These two words were prophesied over me years ago and the Spirit of the Lord reminded me of them on New Year’s Eve. They are true still. Like the stubborn bulldog, when the Lord gives me something I don’t let go of it until He tells me to. What the Spirit of the Lord gave me to hold onto back in 2015 was this--Jesus Christ is coming for His Bride!


In my excitement I have searched the Scriptures, sought the Lord, and prayed to understand when--when will You come to gather your Bride, Lord? WHEN? I and others believed we were shown He would come in 2021 (see I Believe 2021 is The Year of Our Wedding). Yet here we endure. So it is my hope He meant He would come in this Hebrew Year of 5782 which began September 2021 and will conclude in September 2022:


. . . Most Prophecy Students assume that 1948 is the start of the ‘Timeline’ that will culminate in Daniel’s final Shemitah or Tribulation Period that will also see the return of Jesus. This study argues that the correct Start Time is from 1952, when Israel observed its 1st Sabbath Cycle once it was brought back to the Promised Land as a Sovereign Nation. The point being that the 70-Year factor from Psalm 90 is being misapplied to 1948, when in fact it should be from 1952. This would give 10 Sabbath Cycles to culminate in the 11th, that of 2022, in the Fall. Postscripts #564


Based on the Parable of the Fig Tree and the length of a generation being 80 years at most (Psalm 90:10), if 1952 is the key year for Israel’s rebirth, the 7-year Tribulation would need to end by 2032. Subtracting 7 years from 2032 gives us the year 2025 for the start of Jacob’s Trouble/The Tribulation. This would align with what has been found regarding the Essene Calendar. The Essenes point to 2025 as the beginning of the Tribulation; however, that does not mean the Rapture must take place in 2025. Chuck Missler and other Bible scholars teach that the Tribulation does not begin until the Antichrist confirms the Daniel 9:27 covenant.


Because of this it seems wholly feasible for the Rapture to occur as World War 3 begins (when the nuclear missiles come down, we go up) resulting in the Antichrist coming on the scene to supposedly bring “order out of chaos” and eventually confirm a covenant. This would allow for a gap of time between the exodus of the Overcoming Church and the start of Daniel’s 70th Week.


The Scriptures indicate a GREAT HEAVENLY EXCHANGE occurs for in Verse 5 of Revelation 12 the Man Child is caught up--harpazō-ed or RAPTURED--BEFORE the Dragon devours him but SIMULTANEOUSLY with the Dragon casting the stars/fallen angels down to earth! (Job 38:7 alludes to angels as stars.)


So, Brethren, “when they come down, we go up”! Many brethren have been shown this by the Spirit of the Lord. What is coming down has been revealed as: missiles, asteroids/meteorites, and fallen angels. This leads me to believe there will be a Great Convergence on the Day of The Rapture of fiery meteorites falling along with earthly and heavenly war. [Excerpts from The Revelation 12 Dragon and The Rapture]

In the Summer of 2021 I asked, “Lord, what is coming?” This is what I believe He replied:


The calm before the storm.

It is coming--a great dark storm and

the Bride will see it coming.

It’s off in the distance now but soon it will

be almost upon Her.

Fear not, I am with you

and again I say, fear not.

For as this storm approaches so does my great glory.

As you emanate My glory,

you will disregard the darkness--

Fear will flee!

Boldness in the face of darkness!

Humility before the Lord!

Many will come to the Light

So fear not the days ahead My children.

Your Father has you by the hand never letting go!


Beloved Brethren, as we enter 2022 which is about one-fourth of the way into the Hebrew year of 5782, we will come face to face with the Dragon! While searching online for a 5782 calendar, the link to Strong’s Concordance, 5782 appeared. It refers to the root word ur which means “to rouse oneself, awake”



 5782. ur 

ur: to rouse oneself, awake


Coming face-to-face with the Dragon will be a very brief meeting--long enough for those who are chosen within the Laodicean church to “rouse oneself and awake” to be part of the Bride! 2022 will contain a window of time when the True Church will be set apart from the CINOs--Christians in Name Only. But it will challenge us to rise above the fear and intimidation and go forth knowing who our God is! The impression in my spirit is the word of the Lord to the Bride of Christ as we enter 2022 is to BE ALERT AND STAND YOUR GROUND. Tim Henderson’s recent message seemed to be confirmation to me--MANDATE from the LORD. #ArmorUp. (hyperlink begins video at the 21-minute mark).


Armoring up refers not only keeping your head in the Word of God BUT OUR NEED TO ESPECIALLY WALK BY THE SPIRIT and not by our flesh in the days ahead. In my article Year of The Dragon -v- The Overcomers I shared about walking by the spirit and gave testimonies related to our authority over nature, demons, and sickness:


Spirit-filled believers were designed for spiritual warfare. The best teaching ever on this can be found in an article called The Mystery of Spiritual Warfare by John Paul Jackson.

Allow me to share some testimonies related to each of those three categories in order to show you what God can do through anyone who is a willing vessel of His Holy Spirit. . .


It will become darker as the Dragon overshadows us and breathes threatening curses. As in the birth process, we are going to experience an increased tightening--a pressuring--as we go deeper into these “perilous times” of 2 Timothy 3:1. BUT we will NOT be destroyed as Revelation 12:5 promises! As I have shared before, the Mighty Body of Christ will not go out with a whimper but with victorious crowns in hand to throw at His feet! Childbirth can be perilous and such is the case with the birth of the Revelation 12 Man Child, but our Great Deliverer shall come and we will be snatched away--RAPTURED!


It is my hope that 5782/2022--the Year of Awakening--is also when the dead in Christ will be called awake by the trump of God as 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 promises with the living in Christ quickly following. ENDTIMES DARKNESS DESCENDING just posted an encouraging article (with many wonderful links at the end that include work by Unsealed and Luis B. Vega) titled RAPTURE WATCH 2022 SIGNS: THE 3, 30 AND 90 BALAAMIC FIG TREE PROPHECY CODES:


As we can see from Psalm 90. . . a generation can be 80 years. Given that we have a very powerful clue in its statement that “we fly away,” this psalm makes a very powerful candidate for the definition of the length of a generation mentioned in Jesus’ fig tree parable and his Second Coming return. However, one thing we should also be looking at prophetically in deciphering times and seasons in regards to the year of the fig tree and the outer limit for the rapture is the fact that on 11 May 1949, the General Assembly by the requisite two-thirds majority of its then 58 members approved the application to admit Israel to the UN by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 273. Counting forward 80 years from that pivotal and crucial date will put us at the year 2028/2029. If you then subtract seven years for the length of the Tribulation Period, you will arrive at the year of 2021/2022. We know that the rapture of the true Church will occur before the seven years of the Tribulation begins. That puts us at this year (2022)!


He mentions 2024 as another target year for the Rapture; however, with the exponential Luciferian activity, it just doesn’t seem we have that long.


Putting all this together chronologically, it would seem the waiting Church Bride would see internal chaos within the not-anymore-United States then a domino effect perhaps of events including the collapse of the American economy just before or simultaneously with an attack on America’s nuclear stockpile followed by the appearance of UFOs and an incoming comet! As this sudden destruction comes down--those who are in Christ will be whisked up out of harm’s way and into the waiting arms of our much beloved Lord Jesus Christ! [The Revelation 12 Galactic Federation, The Great Re:Set, and The Rapture excerpt]


Oh, my tenacious fellow Watchmen--be strengthened in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! The enemy wishes for you to tire and just give up but DON’T DO IT! DO NOT relinquish your position!



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Hmewrdbd said...

Thank you, Lyn, insightful and encouraging. Just what weary watchers need to hear. I haven't read ETDD's latest article yet, but trust it will be enlightening as well. For all the devestation we see on the horizon for 2022, those of us in Christ and watching can truly say: Happy New Year. Maranatha! Judi


The time span between the beginning of the aforementioned blood moon tetrad in 2014 and the Revelation 12 rapture sign in 2017 was three-and-a-half years. From the Revelation 12 rapture sign in 2017 to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction rapture sign in December 2021 is another three-and-a-half years – for a total of seven years. Could this coincide with the first of the last two verses of the book of Revelation, the book that tells us more about prophecy than any other book? From the ending year of the blood moon tetrad in September 2015 to the month of September in 2022 will be a total of seven years. Is this corresponding to the last verse of the book of Revelation (verse 22), thus the entire Bible and telling us of the culmination of the Church Age in 2021 for a 2022 rapture?

However, the length of time between the occurrence of the Revelation 12 sign in September of 2017 to September of 2024 is a total of 7 years. The year 2024 is, of course, the year that will see the second Great American Eclipse forming an “X” over America. The length of the Tribulation Period will also be a total of seven years. In scripture, the number seven is a number of completion and perfection. It is God’s perfect number. But again, the one problem that I see with this rapture model is that it would fall outside of the fig tree generation outer limit based on the reestablishment of Israel in 1948/1949.

For some reason, I had that bit of observation in my draft before publishing, but apparently, I never saved it and it ended up not getting published until I looked at my posting today. What I saw was a jumble of thoughts in that particular section of the article that I never meant to post until I arranged it all in proper order and context .. lol. I remember I was getting tired that night, so I wasn't thinking too clearly. But I fixed it.

But certainly, that Essene calendar pointing to 2025 as the beginning of the Tribulation would certainly be another notch in the belt for a 2024 rapture when the next American eclipse occurs. That one is looking interesting too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn!! Great way to start off the year with the hope you are giving us have through this article. The comparison to the transition phase of childbirth makes so much sense. Thank you again for taking the time to write about our blessed hope! Coming soon! :) Lin

Maranatha321... said...

Thank you very dear sister whom I love very much! Always encouraging articles. Hope the rapture will be very, very soon, but I'm not sure when they come down we'll go up as many have heard. I don't mean to be cynical but so many believers have said things like coming from God and nothing happened. When God speaks, it is true and it happens. So we may have to experience something like this for longer than we realize. But I hope not! Big hug!

Lyn Melvin said...

ETDD~SO good to hear from you, dear Brother! It was on my to-do list today to let you know I referred to your new article so am glad you already found out. Your work is so thorough it is understandable that you could become weary. Yet your writing is excellent, so the jumble you referred to was not apparent to me.

Thank you for adding more to our understanding relative to the 7 year periods. I especially appreciated:

"... the occurrence of the Revelation 12 sign in September of 2017 to September of 2024 is a total of 7 years. The year 2024 is, of course, the year that will see the second Great American Eclipse forming an “X” over America."

As much as we long to leave this temporary home, we must endure as the Spirit leads us grasping onto the Sure Hope our Bridegroom cometh!

Lyn Melvin said...

Judi, Lin, and Carole--

Thank you for letting me know the article was encouraging to you--it is difficult to express in words sometimes what the Spirit of the Lord gives, so I was grateful for your kind remarks.

Carole, believe me I too have wondered about if God is truly speaking when any of the Brethren (including myself) share an impression or an experience. I could be in error, of course, but I believe the "when they come down, we go up" or Great Heavenly Exchange revelation is Scriptural based mostly on Revelation Chapter 12 and 1 Thessalonians Chapters 4 and 5, and Zechariah 5. (Articles that focus on this are The Revelation 12 Galactic Federation, The Great Re:Set, and The Rapture and I ASKED THE LORD, WHEN IS THE RAPTURE? HE ANSWERED ME!)

2 Peter 3:10 is also telling:

"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. - 2 Peter 3:10 KJV"

Hmewrdbd said...

Hi again, Lyn, Carole, Yes, the "words from the Lord," dreams, visions, calculations regarding the Rapture have come and gone. But I have this theory, perspective, that they are meant to keep us following the breadcrumbs, as it were, to actually encourage us, not discourage, in our pursuit of the Groom. As far as I have seen, none of those sharing the dreams/visions/words have claimed Prophet status--therefore, though they have been wrong so far, I still find the speculations worth reading, and hoping for :-). What better way to keep our eyes focused on Jesus, eh? Looking, looking, longing, loving His Appearing. Come, Lord Jesus, come. Your Bride is waiting.

Maranatha321... said...

Thank you Lyn and Judi for your feedback! And I know Lyn the Lord speaks to you a lot, I believe so! You are absolutely right Judi to say that no one has given himself the status of prophet and I am well aware of it. And I do not question their sincerity. Do not worry. And I continue to watch with all my brothers and sisters for his coming. I hope it will be this winter. A big kiss to you two! Maranatha!